Research shows that students who develop relationships with several influential adults, have discovered their God-given gifts and use them frequently, and are active and engaged in their church as a whole are more likely to stand firm when they graduate from high school and move out into the adult world.

Whitewater Students cares very much that our students are ready to enter into the adult world and we’re here to partner with parents to make that happen. Our Collide, Conform and Converge strategy was developed intentionally with this in mind.

Collide.pngCollide: The principle of collision is that when two things collide at least one of them will be changed. We seek to have a collision with Christ that transforms us into authentic and passionate followers of Jesus.

Conform.pngConform: through the study of God’s word in a relevant way, real communication with God through prayer, intentional relationship building, and sacrificial service/giving we will conform into HIS likeness.

Converge.pngConverge: empowered by the Holy Spirit and driven by passion we will converge into the world around us with the hope of Jesus Christ.