Stories of God at Work…

I heard about a local fireman’s fund volunteer in a fairly small town who was making his rounds door to door and noticed that the most successful lawyer in the town hadn’t made a contribution. This lawyer was making about $600,000 a year so the volunteer called him up. 

‘Sir, according to our research you haven’t made a contribution to the fireman’s fund, would you like to do so?’ The lawyer said, ‘A contribution? Does your research show that I have an invalid mother who requires expensive surgery once a year just to stay alive?’ The worker, a bit embarrassed, said, ‘Well, no sir…’ ‘Does your research show that my sister has three kids, no husband, and no means of support?’ The worker said ‘no.’ ‘And does your research show that my brother broke his back on the job and now requires a full-time nurse to have any kind of normal life?’ ‘No sir, please forgive me…’ The lawyer finished – ‘I can’t believe you people, if I don’t give those people anything, why do you think I would give anything to you!?’

Unfortunately, that is the response from many when it comes to giving to others. So glad that’s not the prevailing attitude at this local church! 

Harbortown KIDS Director, Jereca Humphries sent me this picture of Keira Webb who made a special gift to Ripple – a jar full of coins and a 50 dollar bill! How cool is that? ‘A little child will lead them…’ Jesus said.

There are unlimited ways to participate in the Ripple campaign when you think about it.



On the way to church last Sunday, Anna and Jon McQueary had a discussion on their commitment amount to Ripple. Having made their final decision, they came into church. Soon after, a member of their small group (as well as one of our fine parking attendants) informed Jon that their car had a flat tire! Anna said, ‘It is just an attack and we are still blessed.’ After the message they put a red sticker on that car.

They said, ‘We know our God won’t allow more than we can handle. Commitment Made! #iamrich.’ Love it. Go God and go McQuearys! I’ve got two different car stories to share with you this coming Sunday – and a special guest to help me too! Don’t miss.

Check out Megan’s and Chris’s stories as well as the testimonies of two generous givers in our church family.

I love the music of the Eagles and Glenn Frey. Some of you maturing folks might too! A Glenn Frey song came on the radio that I had heard but never really listened to the words. As it played, I realized that this is the very thing we have been talking about this month with our Be Rich series. What is enough? What am I going to do with what I have… hoard it or give it away? Give it a listen. The saxophone itself is worth it!

See you Sunday. This Ripple current is picking up speed!