Some Whitewater staff changes in this new year…

We are blessed to have people serve on our staff who love the church and want to be Like Jesus. As the church has grown, so has our staff in many ways. I wanted to share a few staff updates and changes this week that you can celebrate and pray for. 

Student and Preaching Associate Conor Doyle was ordained recently at his home church in Louisville (Southeast Christian Church). Donna and I attended and we are very proud of this unique calling to vocational ministry that has been accepted by Conor and Abby.





Harbortown KIDS Elementary Director, Jereca Humphries and her husband Rob recently welcomed Navy Anne Humphries into the world. We rejoice with them with this precious little girl.







Speaking of precious little ones, Andy and Kristie Staley (Andy is Whitewater’s IT Director) are in the process of adopting a little boy, Gavin. We celebrate with the Staleys, including big brother Aiden!








Last week, Linda Hutchinson let us know that she will be transitioning out of her staff role as Care Minister and Life Center Director as of April 1. Please read Linda’s letter to the staff and elders here. She and her husband Merrill are at the beginning stages of forming a Ministry called Rock Solid Families focused on strengthening marriages and families. Even though we are sad to see Linda transition off staff, we are thrilled to see Linda and Merrill begin a new phase of ministry that can also partner with the Life Center in the future. Linda’s influence through pastoral care and the ministries of the Life Center has touched untold hundreds of lives and we say a heartfelt Thank You to her. We are grateful that she will continue serving in the church and please keep the Hutchinson Family and their new ministry in your prayers as they follow God’s leading for the future.

We are thrilled to announce that Jen Hock has accepted the staff role of Life Center Manager from her current Volunteer Coordinator role. Jen has worked closely with Linda Hutchinson and her team since September and has quickly added great structure and capacity. Working with Linda, Jen has built out various teams through a volunteer pipeline she designed and implemented. Jen brings a winning combination of organization, leadership, compassion, and experience to the Life Center and we are excited to have her leading the way into this new season of growth as Linda transitions off of staff. Join us in welcoming Jen to the Whitewater staff team. We will be assigning Linda’s Pastoral Care areas to others by April 1 and announcing that soon.




Outward Focus and Equipping Minister (and Solve 7 Champion) Shannan Volters will have a new last name soon! On February 3 she will become Mrs. Allen Davis. Congratulations to this dynamic difference-making couple!






Last and not least, our small groups guy Micah Odor (who did a fantastic job with the message last Sunday by the way) reports that GroupLink was a resounding success. Last week, there were 88 new group signups!

As you can see, lots of things are happening with our Whitewater staff these days, and this is just what I’m aware of! With the help of other great leaders, it continues to be my privilege to lead them and watch them develop. It is not always easy to serve on the staff of a growing church. Sacrifices are made (beyond just having to work very weekend!) that are not seen. Thanks for your prayers for the amazing team God has put together during this season of the church we love. We consider it an honor to serve Him and you.

P.S. Our staff is fully committed to leading you to become more Like Jesus this year. How are you doing with committing to Read it, Hear it, and Discuss it? See you this Sunday as I teach about a crazy situation in the life of Jesus and His disciples.