Solve 7 June Update

Help People, Give Hope, Be Jesus

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.'” Matthew 25:40

We hope by now you’ve heard about the Solve 7 Summer Challenge.  It’s been about 8 months since we first launched Solve 7 and we thought a summer focus would be a great next step.  The goal of Solve 7 is to remove physical barriers to create spiritual opportunities. This happens not when we come to church but when we are the church.  Solve 7 is centered around that exact thought.  If everyone that called Whitewater home looked at the place they play, work, shop, sleep, and eat as an opportunity to remove barriers in someone’s life in order to show them Jesus, tens of thousands of people would hear who Jesus is every day of the week.  That’s so much more than we can accomplish one hour on a Sunday.

So if you haven’t already, go over to our list of summer challenge options.  Some of these are simple, some may push you outside your comfort zone, but try to find one thing for each of the 7 problems and do them by August 12.

On August 12 bring your completed or partially completed card with you because you’ll get a prize for at least trying to Solve all 7 problems this summer. And even more, we’re going to celebrate everything that has happened through Solve 7 on that Sunday.  We’ll have our usual coffee options plus free donuts.  As a church family, we will serve together through a variety of options on and off campus.  And if you want to stick around after, you can purchase your lunch from a food truck on site and enjoy time with your church family.

It’s going to be an amazing summer and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us.

Thanks for being a problem solver.

Shannan Davis

Tell us a story

We’d love to hear stories about how you’re solving problems where you eat, sleep, play, work, and shop. You can share them in one of the following ways:

Visit the story booth on weekends.
Leave a voicemail or text this number: (513) 909-4445
Email: solve7@whitewatercrossing.org

What’s Happening Where:

This section is changing a bit.  We’re only going to highlight big needs or immediate needs.  But you can always go to our Solve 7 Opportunities page to see all the ways you can be a problem solver.

Picnics in the Parking Lot
When: Summer Wednesdays | 11:30a-1:00p

Every week Whitewater provides food to kids who live in food insecure homes. During the summer this support stops, so to fill this void we started Picnics in the Parking Lot. Every Wednesday through the summer we’ll be providing a free meal to all students who come on our campus along with an activity to help build relationships. As part of our partnership with Three Rivers, we will also be able to bus students to the parking lot each week. We will need people to help serve food, hang out with students, and ride the Bus. Click here to sign-up to help.

Donate Produce
Every week we send home a bag of food with the families that visit Picnics in the Parking Lot.  We would love to be able to include fresh fruits and vegetables.  If your garden has been blessed, contact Pam Stoll (pam.stoll33@gmail.com) to bless our Kids.

Hotel Toiletry Collection
When: Year round

Make sure when you’re at hotels this summer to collect the toiletries in your room. You can drop them off in the Solve 7 Collection bin on the weekends. These toiletries go to resourcing kids in our partner schools as well as women through partner organizations.

Crossroads Mission
When: Sunday, June 17 | Sunday, June 24 | Sunday, July 8 | Sunday, July 22 | Sunday, July 29

Serving the underprivileged and elderly in the area of Floyd County, Kentucky, CrossRoads Missions will be sending teams of volunteers throughout the summer with the goals of improving the standard of living and connecting residents in the area with Christ-centered ministries.

Visit crossroadsmissions.com/register to reserve your spot today!

A typical week in the Appalachia field begins on a Sunday evening and ends that Saturday morning. Each Wednesday, the group takes a trip to a local state park. Daily schedules involve devotional time, evening worship service, and evening group activities. Each group helps assist, plan, and participate in community outreach activities, while also working on daily chores and meals and assisting in home repair.

Family Fest
When: August 5  | 1:00p-8:00p

Family Fest is our yearly event to provide ambassadors with a first invite to friends and family they have been trying to get connected to Jesus and Whitewater.  It’s $25 dollars for your family and the family you invite. Ticket includes entrance to Stricker’s Grove and a chicken dinner.  Registration will open up in July and be online.  If you don’t have a family that can come, support your whitewater family by volunteering.

Solve 7 Sunday
When: August 12 | 9:00a-12:00p

On this Sunday we’ll be worshiping with our hands and feet versus our voice and minds.  We’ll have projects both onsite and offsite that work towards our goal of Solving the 7 biggest issues in the world.  Everyone inside and outside of the Whitewater family is welcome to join us.  This is a great opportunity to invite the people that you’ve been investing in to experience what being like Jesus is all about.  Sign-ups are not required but reservations will go live in July.  So if you want to guarantee to serve in a certain are or with certain people make sure to reserve a spot.

November 15-18: ICOM
The Internation Conference on Missions will be in Cincinnati this November. Whitewater will be signing up our Church for rapid register which means anyone apart of Whitewater can attend free of charge. This is a great way for you to see what is happening in the church globally with a lot of Solve 7 type organizations being present.