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Every healthy thing in nature reproduces and helps other things to grow - it’s time to grow.

Spiritual Survey

In the time it takes to watch a sitcom episode on Netflix, you can take an honest look at your spiritual life through this assessment called REVEAL which is taken by thousands of Jesus followers all over the world.

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Watch Group Videos

You can watch the group videos with a neighbor, a buddy, your existing community group or by yourself in nature. Although then they are just group videos. 

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Watch the Series

If you miss a week in Nov, catch up on our watch page or on the mobile app. If you want to start growing, it will take some work to show up - even if it is digitally. 

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Here's where we are going in this series. Watch the series and take the spiritual survey to uncover what category of spiritual growth you are in - it might surprise you!

Pro Tip: don't use this as a tool to assess your spouse - that won't end well :)

Week 1 - The Lost (Infant)
Week 2 - The Believer (Child)
Week 3 - The Worker (Adult)
Week 4 - The Disciple-Maker (Parent)

Discuss it!

Don't let it end with a 30 minute message. Continue to grow by finding a group of people to help apply what you learn!

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