Solve 7 Serve Sunday

Sunday, June 23, 2019
9am to noon

Correct, we are not hosting worship services that day so that everyone at Whitewater can participate in Solve 7 projects to impact the lives of people in our communities and around the world. Jesus told us that the two greatest commandments are to love God and to love our neighbor. Solve 7 Sunday is a tangible, hands-on way for us to express our love for God and love for our neighbors. All the Solve 7 projects that day will help address physical barriers people have, in the hope that it will create spiritual conversations and spiritual opportunities in their lives. Be a part of this great day at Whitewater!
You don’t have to sign up, but many of the Solve 7 projects have a maximum number of people who can participate. If you would like to serve on a specific project, we recommend reserving your spot. If you do not pre-register, you will need to stop at the Solve 7 tent in The Landing that morning to sign up for a project.
One of the things we love about Solve 7 is that it resonates with everyone. Even people who don’t know Jesus want to help others. So invite anyone you want to come and impact our community, and maybe that person's life will be impacted as well.
There will be no Harbortown KIDS ministry available that morning. Instead, some of the Solve 7 projects are designed to be family friendly. Please see the sign-up page for information regarding age recommendations for the projects. Child care will be available for children 2 years old and under, by pre-registration only.
We will still have the blue offering boxes available that Sunday for anyone who wants to give by cash or check. However, we would highly recommend our easy online or mobile app giving option for that day.
For anyone who wants to participate in communion, it will be available in the Prayer Room, which will be located in Room A202 near Entrance Door #1. Communion will not be served at any of the on-site projects.
While most of our projects are on site, we do have a few options that are off site. Those options also will run during the same time frame, from 9am to noon that Sunday morning. If you pre-register for an off-site project, the project leader will send you instructions about when and where to meet that morning.
Yes, we would love to see small groups serving together. You do not have to sign up together; however, all individuals in the group will need to sign up for the same project to be able to work together.
Coffee and water will be available in The Landing and water coolers will be at all of the outdoor project sites. The Landing will not be open for specialty drinks, so that our Landing volunteers can serve in other ways. After everyone is finished serving that morning, a picnic lunch will be provided at no cost in the Picnic area, so plan on staying a little longer that morning to enjoy a burger or hot dog with your church family.
Some of the off-site projects will benefit from people bringing their own tools or equipment. None of the projects on the Whitewater campus will require any additional tools or equipment. The main things to bring on Solve 7 Sunday are a willing heart, hands ready to serve and a smile!