Volunteer Leaders

We believe that everyone has been given gifts and abilities by God to further the mission at Whitewater. One gift that we are intentionally seeking out at this moment is Leadership. These are people that understand how to unify people for a common goal or task. They have the goal of making people better. They understand the importance of a team and they can train and lead others toward a specific vision.

Leaders at Whitewater are servants. Rather than seek their own gain or glory, they would rather see stories of God working through the people of Whitewater. Many leaders at Whitewater have taken their leadership gifts that they have been using in their workplace for years and began to use them for Kingdom work.

If you feel you have been gifted with this leadership quality and want to impact lives through influencing and directing others we would love to talk with you. Just submit the best way to contact you in the form below and our Equipping Minister, Shannan Davis will contact you soon.

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