We believe that everyone is created by God, on purpose, for a purpose. That purpose is your personal ministry.

When you serve at Whitewater, we work with you to support and train you in your personal ministry. Whether it’s in Kids, Students, Guest Services, Administration or another area of ministry, we want you to grow in your faith because of how He is using you through service in the local church.

Through serving, not only will you meet people and develop friendships, but you become a part of the family here at Whitewater.

It depends on what role you sign up for, but we always make sure of several things:

  1. That you have the training you need to be successful.
  2. That you love what you’re doing. We’ll check in with you several times along the way to make sure it’s a good fit for you. If at any point it doesn’t feel like it's working, we’ll help you find a position that does work.
  3. That it helps you grow closer to God. We love having people serve, because we know how much it helps you grow in your personal relationship with God and with other people who love God too.
It can vary from role to role, but we have options in almost every ministry to serve anywhere from 1 hour a month, up to 3 hours a week or more. We work with you and your schedule to find something that fits into your availability. If you have an inconsistent schedule, we can work with that too.
Usually, your serving time will be somewhere between 30-90 minutes each time. Some opportunities are longer than that, but that is the average time commitment.
Yes. While weekends are our busiest time as far as having guests on site, serving opportunities happen all week, during the day and in the evenings.
We love the diversity of people in the family of God, and have a role for everyone no matter what your personality. We have many roles that work one-on-one with a ministry leader to accomplish projects. Some examples are data entry and Excel work, writing, material and classroom prep, cleaning, and organizing.
You can either search through all our opportunities, based on your interests and availabilities, or you can sign up with our equipping minister to talk about what might be a good fit.
We love when small groups or friends want to serve together. We have opportunities for groups to serve together in the church, as well as through our community partners. You can either talk to the equipping minister or click here to look through opportunities.
We want to make sure all our volunteers are fully equipped and knowledgeable for the role they have chosen. The time frame for this varies from ministry to ministry, but it is somewhere between 2-4 observations. This allows you to get a feel for the ministry and decide if it's the right fit.
We know that life happens, but that’s why each ministry has a team and not one person. As a part of your training process, your ministry leader will go over how to find subs if you need to be out of town or have a work commitment, as well as what to do if you get sick.
We have multiple ministries that make Whitewater function from week to week. Each ministry needs people passionate about what it does, to make a difference in the lives of people who come on our campus. Here’s the short why of each ministry:

Facilities: We keep the campus inviting, clean, comfortable and safe so the focus can be on God, spiritual growth and building relationships.

Whitewater Students: We exist to help students become convinced of the hope they have in Jesus and committed to sharing that same hope with others.

Harbortown KIDS: We create a safe, loving and fun environment so that kids can find hope in Jesus to become owners of their faith.

Life Center: We help people in need by offering opportunities that provide resources, relationship and tools for the hope of a better future.

Pastoral Care: We exist to come alongside those who are hurting physically and spiritually, to provide God’s hope, comfort, healing and mercy.

Groups: We making it hard to feel lonely by helping you find your family in our church home.

Equipping: We help connect people’s passions to God’s purpose.

Solve 7: We eliminate physical problems to create spiritual opportunities.

IT: We use modern technology to share the hope of Jesus in our building and across the world.

Communications: We tell stories of how lives have been changed through the Hope of Jesus and how each person can be a part of it.

Administration: We prepare the message of hope and a home for action and interactions.

Worship and Production: We create environments and opportunities for everyone to meet God through music, visuals and teachings.

Finance: We use every dollar to its maximum potential to create a lasting spiritual impact.

Guest Services: We help people experience the hope of Jesus and connect them into a church home.

Medical & Security: We create a safe environment for all to experience hope in Jesus.

Sports: We use love for sports to connect people to hope in Jesus.

Come to our next [WE ARE] class to learn more about Whitewater and how you can become part of our family. Check the Calendar for the next class.

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