At Whitewater Crossing, we baptize by immersion because the Bible teaches us that it's what Jesus did and what He asks us to do.

Kids decide if they are ready to be God's friend by:

  • Agreeing that they have sinned and hurt God.
  • Believing that what Jesus did in dying on a cross made a way for us to be friends with God.
  • Asking God to be the leader of our lives and start to follow what He says.
  • Being baptized to show what has happened in our hearts.

All-In: KIDS classes are offered monthly so that parents and kids can explore together, on a kid-friendly level, what it means to become a Christian and if they are ready to be baptized. Online All-In: KIDS classes will be available soon. Check the Calendar to sign up for the next class.

Once your children reach a point of maturity where they are ready to take ownership of their faith, and they've taken our All-In: KIDS class, they can make a public confession of their faith and be baptized either in church or online. This is the important decision on their part to follow Jesus with their whole heart.