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Freedom Stickers

Bathrooms are the most likely place for a trafficked person to be alone.  By placing these stickers in business, hotel, and restaurant bathrooms you can be part of the process to help someone escape modern day slavery.

When you sign-up we'll send you an email with the guidelines of how to ask a business manager/owner about placing stickers in their bathrooms.  The following Sunday, we'll have a bag of 5 stickers available for your to take to businesses.  You can do this locally, downtown Cincinnati, or as you travel.

Opportunity Details:

Day: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Any, Flexible, Varies
What Time: Any. You pick the location and when you do it.
How many people can participate: 1, 2-5
Age: 13+, 14+, 18+, 21+, Family Friendly
Length of Service: Simple
Consistency: once, 1x month, bi-weekly, every week
Type of Opportunity: Communication, On Vacation
Problem to Solve: Rescue