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Collect Hotel Toiletries

Last year we had a great number of hotel toiletries donated. This lets us make back to school hygiene bags for three rivers, as well as toiletry bags for women of alabaster.  This year we're hoping for double or triple the amount of items to help us reach even more of the people groups we're trying to give HOPE to.  Toiletry items just need to have been never used.  If you have full-sized never used toiletries at your house, our Back Pack Club does a hygiene bag three times a year to under-resourced kids in our partner schools.

Items can be deposited in the Solve 7 collection box or any collection box at a main entrance. 

Opportunity Details:

Day: Any, Flexible, Varies
What Time: any
How many people can participate: 1, 2-5, 6-10, 11-20, 21-50, 50+
Age: 13+, 14+, 18+, 21+, Family Friendly
Length of Service: Simple
Consistency: once
Type of Opportunity: At Home, Collecting/Donations, On Vacation
Problem to Solve: Find, Teach, Rescue