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Adult Worship: Audio 1 (A1) FOH Engineer

  • Responsible for setting up the mixing console, processing gear (compressors, FX, etc.), and patch bay for weekend rehearsals and soundchecks.
  • Prepare and test all audio equipment required for the worship services and special events.
  • Confirm sound checks for speakers, vocalists, musicians, baptism and playback sources as needed.
  • Participate in worship team rehearsals.
  • Strike and secure all audio equipment, and power down the system after the final weekend worship service and/or special event.
  • Troubleshoot audio problems/issues.
  • Assist in maintenance and repair of audio production equipment.
  • Make recommendations for updated equipment as needed.

Opportunity Details:

Interests: Choose 1 or more: Audio/Video, Creativity, Leadership
Days you are available: Sunday, Saturday
Your Age: High School, 18+, 21+
Ministry Team: Weekend Production/Worship
How often can you serve?: 2-3 hours a month, 1 hour a week, 2-3 hours a week