XXX Sunday

Last Sunday I preached on the vice of lust. It was a difficult, but necessary message. Thanks for the encouraging response from so many of you – especially our ladies.

I mentioned several resources that can be a huge help in this battle for chastity and purity; below are a few. Please utilize them and knock this vice out of your life. Remember – it’s about everyday training, not just trying.

XXX Church: Helping people break free of porn addiction
Convenant Eyes: Internet accountability and filtering
New Life Ministries: Every Man's Battle - sexual integrity recovery

There is a ‘price for vice.’ Someone sent me this cartoon. We smile because that is just like you and me, isn’t it?!

This Sunday I will speak about our next deadly vice – Gluttony. This one might be more difficult than last Sunday!

Our brothers and sisters down in Florida were hit like Houston was. Click here for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. We will update the link to reflect opportunities for Florida as they come available. My friend Bob Russell had some fantastic observations about the church working right when it comes to these kinds of disasters.

We are going to lean even more heavily into things like this through our Solve 7 initiative as the Ripple campaign launches. We will be hosting Town Hall Info Meetings here at the church on Tuesday, October 3 at 7pm; Thursday, October 5 at 3pm; and Thursday, October 12 at 7pm. Please attend one of them so you will know exactly what we are doing. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions.

I am so excited about this current season of our church and what’s ahead! I am enjoying it a lot more than the Bengals season so far. We are dealers of hope in this dark world. (Have you seen our new sign out front?!)

We have the best message ever and a better hope than anything this world can provide. Let’s share it this week!

See you Sunday.