Our new E-giving platform

Our Stewardship and IT teams recently launched a new e-giving platform that makes online giving easier and more flexible for new people. It also allows us to extend our missional reach within the community and even save some money. As we roll out this new platform, we need to phase out the old one, but there’s good news! If you sign up for the new platform, your old recurring giving schedule through Pushpay will be cancelled by our Stewardship Director, Beth Maxey. The entire process should only take a few minutes. Included below are the short steps you’ll need to take to make the change.

Making the transition

Here’s how to transition from our current system to giving through Whitewater, if you already have a recurring giving schedule.

Option A

Step 1: Go to whitewatercrossing.org/give

Step 2: Click the “Secure Donation Portal” button

Step 3: If prompted, login or create a new profile

Step 4: Click the “recurring” button

Step 5: Complete fund and payment options and submit!

Option B

Let us complete the process for you by contacting Beth Maxey at 513-661-5811 x116.

Thanks for supporting your church financially and for taking the time to make the switch. We're convinced this new tool will allow more people to do what you have been doing all along.