1st Quarter Report - 2020


The Whitewater Difference

2020 has certainly been unexpected! Over the last few decades, I do not believe we’ve seen another year progress in such an unusual manner and yet God continues to work in miraculous ways. Over the first quarter of the year, those of you who have given to Whitewater have played a part in propelling the mission of Whitewater forward despite the difficulties that have arisen due to COVID-19. Below are just a few of the initiatives that have continued because of our faithful givers:

Solve 7: This is much more than something we do for one day during the year. 10% of all contributions given through Ripple help support our Solve 7 initiatives which include:

  • Life Center: Buy 1 Give 1 Campaign of Hope, weekly food bags, continued support of our community through the Resource Fund and Food Pantry
  • Global Partners: Jon & family (Middle East), Laminda & Denise (Sri Lanka), Lucma Adolphe (Haiti), and Josh & Victoria Baah-Binney (Ghana).

Community Groups: "One Another" groups are Facebook groups that act as a simple way to connect with each other and to find ways that we can serve one another, encourage one another, and carry one another's burdens.

Church Online: Our online campus has exploded due to quarantine restrictions and thousands of people are viewing online content week after week.


We continue to see stories of life change. So far, 147 people have decided to go All-In with their faith by being baptized in 2020. Your continued support allows us to continue spreading hope to people. Keep it up! You are making a huge difference!


Beth Maxey

Stewardship Director

The Story

"I wanted to let you know how very much I appreciate the online messages that Whitewater Crossing provides. I just listened to last week’s message on Hope. It was just so uplifting! I’ve been in touch with somebody at church who was so kind as to email me, Jereca Humphries. My daughter and I are looking for a new church. We have been watching online, and we shared that it’s just so scary coming to a new place but after she emailed us and reached out, I thought how kind that is because she doesn’t even know us yet, and she offered to meet us at church on a Sunday and show us around. I appreciate that so much. I have a little bit of a hard time getting around, but I am looking forward to attending church there because I feel like God has actually been guiding us there for a couple of years now. Our neighbors come to church there, and they are such wonderful people and have told us all about the church and the wonderful things you do. I was quite stuck on staying at my old church, but I feel like God is pushing us to be someplace where we can serve him and receive his message.

I want to really thank you so much for putting the messages online. Truly, the message on Hope was much needed, and I could feel like God was speaking to me through you. Thank you so much again. Have a wonderful rest of the week." Sandy H.


The Finances






  • DEBT SERVICE - 21%

* Applied to offset previous quarter expenses. Learn more at whitewatercrossing.org/RIPPLE

Every number has a name. Every name has a story. Every story matters to God.


Thanks for your continued generosity.

Your giving really does make a difference. It provides HELP, HOPE and a HOME in our community and around the world!

Share Your Story

As you begin to be for your street more, we would love to hear stories of how it is going! Send them to info@whitewatercrossing.org. Read stories at the bottom of this page. 

Get Started!

  • Walk your street and pray.
  • Get to know the people on your street by name.
  • Decide to be the unofficial chaplain of your street - love, serve, and care for them.
  • Hold a block party at least once a year.

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