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Reaches a new population.

Allow people in local neighborhoods to feel more pride in their area with a local campus meeting local needs.
Being a big church on this side of Cincinnati is not necessarily perceived by our target audience as a positive thing. They tend to value local over corporate.
Average weekend attendance is relatively flat. We are pursuing this because of strategy, not necessarily lack of space.
If they will not come to us, we will go to them!

Helps our people grow.

It’s easier for some to engage and get involved in smaller venues.
Opportunities for developing new leaders, speakers and worship leaders.
People may not feel needed in our current campus/situation or perceive it to be difficult to connect despite our best efforts.

Potentially oversaturated in this immediate area.

We’ve been here for 10 years so have people in this area have potentially been overly exposed. There may be a decreasing population willing to join/attend because they’ve already been invited frequently.
The 10 mile radius around current campus is not particularly transient. (i.e. there are not a lot of new people moving in and out of the area)
Physically limited by Route 128 with entry/exit to services.

Ability to experiment with new ideas.

We can act like a start-up with the resources of a large company.
New methods of doing church especially surrounding worship can be explored without fear of “messing with the model” currently.
Can experiment with more intimate, smaller settings that may match current trends away from big and bold.

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