Who Are We?

From the desk of the senior minister:

100 Year History:

Mission – Why we exist:

To help people find hope in Jesus and a home in His local church.

Vision – Who [We Are] and hope to be:

To become a fully functioning biblical community by worshipping God, committing to others and connecting to others in spiritual community.

Core Values – What’s most important to us:

We place highest value on glorifying God, following Jesus, obeying the Bible and loving people.

History – Where we’ve come from:

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Whitewater Old 2

Whitewater Crossing Christian Church has a long history. The church began as the Westwood-Cheviot Church of Christ in January, 1915 when a group of 23 people met to establish a Bible School to be conducted on Sunday afternoons. By May, 1916, the small group had grown and a congregation was incorporated with 48 charter members. A year later, the first unit of a framed building was erected on the corner of Glenmore and Meadow avenues in Cincinnati. The land was purchased and a building built at a total cost of $5,200. Times have certainly changed.

Less than a year later, 125 people were worshiping together and in April, 1917, the church called her first full-time minister. The people of the church expanded the building in 1921 and by the end of 1922, the church consisted of 230 members. Continued growth and building expansions were the norm through the 1930’s and 40’s.

In 1950, Dr. Harold Hockley became the minister and would remain in that position for 34 years. The church continued to grow during his tenure and the church’s Sunday School ministry led the way. On some weekends, 750 people would be in attendance for Sunday School and 500 would stay for the worship hour. Westwood-Cheviot’s Sunday School was recognized nationally as other church leaders would come to learn the secret of the church’s success. Under Dr. Hockley’s leadership, the church expanded the parking lot and built an additional building on the property.

When Dr. Hockley retired in 1984, the church went through a difficult period of leadership transition and decline in membership. During these declining years (approx. 1984-1997) several senior ministers came and went, the church focused inwardly, over 300 people left the church and a general lack of trust existed between the leaders and the congregation. Several strong leaders began a process of moving the church toward health in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. The elders undertook an extensive study of the scriptures and sought to reform their ministry model to more closely reflect the teaching of the New Testament.

After working with a church consultant, the elders developed a new and compelling vision of relocating the church and reinvigorating the ministry to reach more people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. As part of that vision, in 2002, the congregation hired David Vaughan as the new Senior Minister. In 2003, after a long search, the church was led to an available 74 acre piece of land on Route 128 in Whitewater Township. Through two capital campaigns and prudent debt, the church purchased the land and built a 45,000 square building for approximately 7 million dollars. The name of the church changed in 2004 during the re-location process to Whitewater Crossing Christian Church.

The church held a Grand Opening of their new building on the first Sunday of December, 2007 with over 1,000 people in attendance. The attendance that morning included about 70 people from the Cornerstone Christian Church, who had merged with Whitewater. Since the grand opening, the church has continued to grow in health and in numbers. The growth of Whitewater has led to the parking lot being expanded twice, adding a Saturday evening service and a third Sunday morning service. Additionally, Whitewater is now a regional church drawing people from the westside of Cincinnati, southeastern Indiana and northern Kentucky.

Whitewater, with her storied past, remains historically connected to the Restoration Movement and the ideal of Christian unity based on the Word of God for the evangelization of the world. After all these years, our mission remains the same “to help people find hope in Jesus Christ and a home in His local church.”


Frame Building 1917


Glenmore Building


Current Cleves Location

Our Beliefs:

God – There is but one God who is eternally existing in three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. They are co-equal and each possesses all the attributes of God. God is the Creator and Sustainer of the universe and all that is in it.

Jesus Christ – Jesus is the Son of God, one with the Father and the Holy Spirit. Born of a virgin, he lived a sinless life, died on the cross for all sin, was raised from the grave after three days to become our Savior. He ascended into heaven and will one day return again to earth as Judge and King.

Holy Spirit – The Holy Spirit is one with the Father and Jesus Christ and serves as our comforter, guide, and advocate. Those who accept Jesus as their Savior receive the Holy Spirit to live inside them. The Spirit gives Christians guidance in living, an understanding of the Bible, and prayerfully intercedes for them.

The Bible – The Bible is God’s Word and serves as our foundation and final authority on Christian beliefs and guide to living. It is divinely inspired by God and is without error. It was given to mankind so that we might know and understand God’s truth and love.

Humanity – We were made by God in His image and were created to worship Him. Although people have the capacity to do good, they willfully sin against God and are consequently lost and without hope apart from Jesus Christ.

Forgiveness – Forgiveness of sins and promise of eternal life are available to those who trust Christ as Savior and Lord.

Salvation – Salvation can neither be purchased nor earned. It is a free gift from God, available only through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and received through faith. It is available to anyone who accepts Jesus as their Savior and Lord. That faith is expressed through repentance of sin and baptism by immersion.

The Church – The Church is the body of Christ, which exists to save the lost and edify the saved.

Eternity – People were created to live forever. Every person will spend eternity, either in union with God in heaven or separated from God in hell. Those who accept Jesus as Savior and follow Him, will live eternally with God; those who refuse to accept Jesus as Savior will spend eternity in hell.

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