Here at Whitewater we are all about relationships, and not religion. Relationships with God and people.
We believe that in order to grow in relationship with God, there has to be connection and relationship with His people, the church. Don't worry introverts, we've got you covered.
Now that you have been attending on the weekend for a while, maybe you are looking for your next step. That's great, because we don't want you to sit in a seat too long and miss out! For some it is a conversation about Jesus or baptism. For others, it is calling Whitewater your home church. What is your next step?
MYwhitewater is where members manage their giving, groups, and directory listing. Think of it as a club where everyone is welcome.

Our Leaders

Ministers & Directors

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  • Anita Ridener
    Anita Ridener
    Student Ministry Director

  • David Vaughan
    David Vaughan
    Senior Minister

  • Diane Kist
    Diane Kist
    Office Management Director

  • James Hansee
    James Hansee
    Minister of Adult Ministries

  • Joe Porter
    Joe Porter
    Communications Guy

  • Micah Odor
    Micah Odor
    Groups Director

  • Pat MacDonald
    Pat MacDonald
    Facilities Director

  • Phil Coleman
    Phil Coleman
    Worship & Operations Minister

  • Reed Smith
    Reed Smith
    Preaching Intern

  • Shannan Volters
    Shannan Volters
    Harbortown KIDS Minister

  • Terri Beth Faust
    Terri Beth Faust
    Family/Involvement/Outreach Ministries Director


Administrative Assistants

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  • Dianna Morgan
    Dianna Morgan
    Family Ministries Admin Assistant

  • Patty Morris
    Patty Morris
    Office Receptionist

  • Tammy Rolph
    Tammy Rolph
    Groups Admin Assistant



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  • Andy Staley
    Andy Staley
    Communications Associate

  • Anna Ellison
    Anna Ellison
    Preschool Associate

  • Beth Maxey
    Beth Maxey
    Elementary Associate

  • Donna Patrick
    Donna Patrick
    Facilities Associate / Custodial Services

  • Duane Wallace
    Duane Wallace
    Facilities Associate / Scheduling & Setup

  • Dylan Turner
    Dylan Turner
    Facilities Associate / Lawn & Grounds

  • Janice Rohrer
    Janice Rohrer
    Adult Ministries / AP Associate

  • Katie Dooley
    Katie Dooley
    Financial Secretary

  • Laura Hamilton
    Laura Hamilton
    Worship Associate / Technical Arts

  • Nic Lawrence
    Nic Lawrence
    Student Ministry Associate

  • Susie Terrell
    Susie Terrell
    Guest Services Associate

  • Teresa Benjamin
    Teresa Benjamin
    Nursery Associate


Worship Artists

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  • Alisa Childers
    Alisa Childers
    Worship Artist

  • Denver Bierman
    Denver Bierman
    Worship Artist

  • Laura Hamilton
    Laura Hamilton
    Worship Associate / Technical Arts

  • Michael Boggs
    Michael Boggs
    Worship Artist

  • Michelle Swift
    Michelle Swift
    Worship Artist

  • Nic Gonzales
    Nic Gonzales
    Worship Artist



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  • Bob Stoll
    Bob Stoll

  • David Grubbs
    David Grubbs

  • David Vaughan
    David Vaughan
    Senior Minister

  • Gary Smith
    Gary Smith

  • Jim Eger
    Jim Eger

  • Jim Howarth
    Jim Howarth

  • Kevin Haukebo
    Kevin Haukebo

  • Kurt Knochel
    Kurt Knochel

  • Stan Graff
    Stan Graff

  • Ted Mensing
    Ted Mensing