questionsIs there a dress code?

At Whitewater, you’ll see as much variety in dress as you see in people. Some wear T-shirts and jeans. Others wear the more traditional Sunday attire. We don’t judge by appearances because we know that God is interested in what’s on the inside.

dressOnce I arrive, where should I go first or when I have questions?

Our Guest Services Team will direct you where to park and how to enter the building. Volunteers right inside the doors will answer your questions and help you and your kids know where to go. Plan your visit now.

kidsWhat about my kids?

Yes, loving and safe kids’ programming is provided at all service times here at Whitewater. Harbortown KIDS is the ideal spot for infants through 5th graders. Kids’ classes are high energy, interactive, and age-appropriate.

studentsWhat about my student?

6th through 12th grade students enjoy classes, activities and special events that are designed to draw them into positive relationships and keep them coming back. The discussions and teaching – led by caring and positive adult role models – help students deal with the many pressures they face and guide them toward healthy choices. Explore Whitewater Students.

timeHow long is a worship gathering?

About 60 minutes. You’ll want to arrive a few minutes early to get a good seat and a cup of coffee. You will have a chance to sing or listen to some music, hear some relevant teaching, and connect with God. Watch or listen to past teaching here.

musicWhat about music?

The best way to describe our worship music is eclectic. Our services are led by a team of artists who also are nationally renowned Contemporary Christian singer/songwriters. Each one brings something a little different to the mix. You can watch the What to Expect video or check out their bios at our Leaders page.

who are weWhat kind of church is this?

We are a church that is all about relationship, not just religion. Longer answer? Whitewater Crossing Christian Church is a non-denominational church in the historical tradition of the Restoration Movement. We have a local group of elders who provide direction and oversight for the church. We have no hierarchy or any other religious body that influences what happens at Whitewater. Explore Who We Are.

memberHow do I become a member?

The [We Are] Whitewater is the next logical step for you to take to learn more about membership and your path at Whitewater.

baptismWhat is baptism?

Baptism is simply God’s way of allowing us to show externally what He is doing internally. To see baptism in action check out our last All-in Weekend. Contact a pastor or the church office to make arrangements for a public or private baptism.

communionWhat happens during communion at worship gatherings?

Communion is the memorial Jesus gave to remind us of the price He paid – His life – for our sins. Anyone who is a follower of Christ is invited to participate.

offeringWhat happens during offering time at worship gatherings?

As Christ followers, we give an offering out of love to support God’s work through Whitewater. Most folks simply give online. Guests should not feel obligated to give. Read more here.