Your Friendly Neighborhood Preacher

You will likely get a call this week or next from me, your friendly neighborhood preacher.

It’s a special recorded invite to attend an upcoming Ripple Town Hall info meeting. For those of you who suffer from FOMO (Fear OMissing Out), this is the cure! Don’t just watch things happen around here – make some waves! There are three of these meetings: October 3, 5, and 12 (please RSVP if you need childcare at one of the evening sessions).

Please familiarize yourself with what Ripple is all about, for this is where your friendly neighborhood preacher is leading you. Note especially the Ministry Bridge and Solve 7 FAQ elements of Ripple. It’s the best part!

This Sunday we will be handing out the books that all of us will be reading over the next month (How to be Rich). It is one of the best books out there to help us right size our attitude and actions regarding our wealth. Get your complimentary copy this Sunday. You can also be the first to purchase tickets for the Big Daddy Weave concert we are hosting here on Thursday, November 9.

We teamed up with Crossroads Church and Wheels to ripple out love to the Haussler family in our church this week. Did you catch the story?

With the recent catastrophic events in the Caribbean and in Mexico, some have asked how our partner missionaries are doing. Casey & Teri Hancock and family are fine in Mexico City. They felt the earthquake but suffered no damage to their home. They are working with some local churches to assist in relief efforts throughout the city. Our partners, Luke & Monique Adolphe in Gonaives, Haiti, were not greatly impacted by the hurricanes that have passed through the Atlantic. Life is always hard in Haiti, but it was not made substantially harder as a result of the hurricanes. Thanks for your prayers for our missionary partners and their ministries.

We have also added an I ♥ PR page on our site for Puerto Rico efforts and generosity. We will add opportunities to give and serve as we learn of them.

Mr. Tom Arington from Prasco Industries and your friendly neighborhood preacher taught about greed and giving last weekend. Hoping his words of wisdom will impact your own giving in coming days. I shared the four different types of givers on the generosity ladder. Here they are again in case you have forgotten since Sunday:

Level 1 – The gifted giver. They love to give a tithe (10%) and also another amount beyond that. They celebrate what God is able to do through them and often tithe off of their business or property or other assets. Their primary question is not ‘how much of God’s money should I give,’ but ‘how much of God’s money should I keep?’

Level 2 – The thoughtful giver. The thoughtful giver is profoundly aware of God’s call and they enjoy the pleasure of giving, usually with a sense of obligation. They usually tithe and plan out their giving calibrated by their current income, but rarely consider systematically lowering their net worth to fund what they care about. They do have open hands though and that is a wonderful thing to see.

Level 3 – The casual giver. This group of givers likely comprises the largest group in the church. Most folks in this category possess a vague understanding of their obligation to be faithful and generous stewards of the resources, but they do not actively seek out opportunities to give. They give casually, randomly, and only when asked. Their giving is more out of obligation, rather than joy and delight. Casual givers often struggle with trusting God by tithing, which is sad, because (as Mr. Arington shared) God desires to bless them more than they can imagine. BTW – signing up for recurring giving through the Whitewater App or the Whitewater Website is the best next step for anyone in this category

Alas, there is a Level 4 we might call the reluctant giver. They may have an occasional desire to give, but their approach to giving mirrors that of our culture, ‘My money is my business.’ It could be the result of poor modeling by parents or the result of poor financial management in general; usually those in this category are the first to be offended when the church asks for a gift – even for a very worthy cause. This might be the saddest group of all, because they are missing out on the extreme joy and blessing of giving to God.

I ask that each of us evaluate which category we are in and consider stepping up one rung/level. Will you?

See you this Sunday! Your friendly neighborhood preacher will be teaching about the deadly sin of Anger. I’ll be mad if you’re not here. Ha.