Middle school is a critical time in faith development. Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy are no longer real to students and at this point, through cognitive thinking, they're deciding is Jesus real to them. At this phase they’re sorting through all they’ve heard and learned to see if it aligns with something they can believe. This also is the time when they’re questioning who they are, why they matter, and why others matter.

Middle school ministry provides a safe place, with caring leaders who help students through this turbulent phase. Our strategy is to provide an environment that tells all students they belong here and matter to us, but more importantly to God. We do that through planned activities, games, relevant messages, and dedicated small groups with committed leaders who help students sort through their faith questions.  

Middle School Union

The Union
Sundays, 11:15am 
Doors and check-in open at 10:50am
Students are dismissed at 12:20pm. It's a good idea to set a location to meet your family.