Embarking on the largest outreach initiative Whitewater has ever undertaken!

Because of our mission, we are embarking on the largest outreach initiative we have ever undertaken. The Solve 7 Summer Challenge has begun!

To find out about even more Solve 7 activities, read the Solve 7 June Newsletter.

I introduced our newest series (Serving Jesus = Serving Others) last Sunday, which coincides with Solve 7. If you were traveling and missed the message, take a moment and watch so you are all caught up.

I mainly talked about how, like Jesus, we are to Heal The Sick, along with other mandates from Matthew chapter 25. I wish you could have seen the line of people in pain to be anointed and prayed for by our elders per James chapter 5. It was powerful and the church at its best.

I received an email Sunday night from someone who desires to stay anonymous but acted on the scriptures we unpacked. Oh the difference obeying the Bible makes!

Solve 7 is the expression of our ‘Why’ we have been talking about a ton.

The ‘Why’ is our mission – To Help people find Hope in Jesus and a Home in His local church. When you remove physical barriers on the front end, it leads to spiritual conversations, which lead to powerful conversions.

How are you doing with engaging people in those spiritual conversations? I thought so. It’s hard, but so vital. Whitewater – Let’s not lose our ‘Why’ or our way!

Up next is Find the Forgotten this Sunday. You won’t want to miss any of our Solve 7 messages! Even while on the road on vacation, you can watch the messages online or in the app, participate in our Solve 7 Summer Challenge, and be the church.

Speaking of summer – each year in the month of July, I embrace a practice of disengaging from the daily rigors of a large and complex church for an extended period of rest, recovery, study, and reflection. For it to be successful, I have found that it requires not just a change of pace, but also a change of place, so I will be out of the office for most of the month. The long-term benefits for the church, and for me, are seen each year I practice this discipline. Please pray for me. I will be spending time planning out 2019 preaching themes, working on what’s next, traveling with Donna and even lecturing to former Iron Curtain church leaders in Vienna, Austria through TCM (Taking Christ to the Millions).

I am so grateful our elders encourage this annual summer study break for me. I am also thankful for the wonderful Whitewater staff who make it easy to disengage in this way. I always return from my time away having heard from God what is next for our wonderful church and recharged for another intense run of ministry each fall. A number of great teachers, whom I am confident you will enjoy, will be sharing at Whitewater during my absence. You’ll also hear from these wonderful communicators in the Direct while I’m out. (There will be no Direct next week due to the holiday.)

You will never be far from my heart, and I can’t wait to hear stories of how Jesus is working through you as Solve 7 Ambassadors.

Hey Whitewater – Let’s be known for our deeds, not just our creeds! Let’s go Solve 7 of the biggest problems in our world in the name of Jesus this summer. Thanks to the Whitewater app, I’ll join you too – even while I’m on the road.