Direct from David: Joe and the Judge

The Judge and Joe were a hit last Sunday. So many were touched by Judge Bernstein’s heart and message of hope.


Remember his awesome words – ‘You don’t get over it, you get on with it!’ Amen!

We have guests like the Judge to help people because people need hope in Jesus! This is the Why. (By the way, I’ll be here this Sunday on Father’s Day to talk more about the Why.)

Each Sunday, we share one more practice that would help you be Like JesusWhy? Because Jesus was the greatest person who ever lived. He is the only person who predicted His own death and resurrection and then pulled it off! What’s not to like about Jesus?! What we are discovering is that the by-product of being Like Jesus is the kind of joy, purpose, and peace we’ve been looking for. So powerful is this truth that we have dedicated a whole year to studying Jesus. How He Thinks and Acts.

Ed Emley dropped by the church yesterday and gave me a gift. Check this out!

He made this himself! Now, if I can just do what the sign says!

Bob McClain emailed me with a thought about our Like Jesus theme this year. He gave me permission to share.


My wife and I have visited Whitewater several times recently and I have greatly appreciated the encouraging and challenging messages of the “Like Jesus” series. A couple of weeks ago as you were talking about the purpose of the Bible being transformation, rather than information with the ‘Act Like Jesus’ graphic in the background, a strange thought came to me. (BTW, I have a lot of strange thoughts. Just ask my wife.)

Several years ago I was playing the part of Otto Frank in a community theater production of “The Diary of Anne Frank.” A neighbor of mine who came to the show saw me in the yard the next day and said he wanted to tell me something about the play. He had a strange look on his face so my first thought was “Uh, oh. I thought I had messed something up.”

What he said was this: “I came to see you on stage, but I didn’t see you. I saw Otto Frank.” I still consider that the nicest complement I’ve ever gotten because the goal of every actor is to truly become their character. With that as background, my thought is that perhaps the greatest complement any believer could ever have is for somebody to look at us and see Jesus. I can’t say that I’ve ever had that happen or ever will, but perhaps that kind of transformation should be our goal.

Thanks to you and the staff for a great series.

What a great insight from Bob. Would to God that somebody would look at one of us at Whitewater and say ‘I don’t see you, I see Jesus.’ Pretty sure that’s a win! It’s also why we exist as a church. Who do you look most like right now? Just asking.

See you Sunday as we celebrate the best Father ever!