It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

December, winter, and Christmas have finally arrived! Saw snow flurries this morning for the first time – not sure I’m excited about it either!

Thanks for the positive feedback on our Pretty Good Questions sermon series. The final message I shared last Sunday had some principles that apply all year long. As I unpacked 1 Peter 4:11, little did I realize that this verse is the motto for our GUEST Services team!

Let’s vow to continue to be known for love here – it makes a huge difference. Tiffany’s email reminded me of that…

From: Tiffany
Subject: WW Rocks!!!!

Hi Dave, 

My family has been attending for about 7 months now and could not be happier! Our youngest son Zane has autism and is non-verbal. We were so worried about him and a new church, and the burden it would bring to his classroom and teachers. Well, I am so happy to say that we could not ask for a better experience! The care for him has been exceptional and the staff has made us feel like royalty!! The buddy system Harbortown has is INCREDIBLE! It is amazing that this church is going above and beyond for special needs children no matter how few there may be. Just when I think the church can’t get any better, I read in your blog that there will soon be a sensory sensitive Great Room!!! I am so so glad to call Whitewater our church home! 

About 4 or 5 Sundays back, my son Zane (who is non-verbal unless he is being prompted to repeat words – basically he does not communicate on his own EVER) and I were pulling into the church and as he is looking out the window at the church he says loudly “Yayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!” It brought me to tears!!!!!!

I just wanted to let you know that you are leading an Amazing church with Amazing staff and we love it at Whitewater Crossing. My husband especially loves your sense of humor! lol

Tiffany and Kevin Snook
(Haley, Ace, Zane)

Look in the bulletin this Sunday for details on another opportunity to ripple out more love as we pack food at the Hands Against Hunger factory on Saturday, January 6 from 9:00am to noon. Our goal is 250 volunteers to pack 75,168 meals.

Our Christmas Eve services will definitely be special this year since December 24 falls on a Sunday. Do your best inviting! Plan to come early or stay after one of the morning services to take advantage of our special Christmas Eve building tours. On the tour, you’ll be among the first to see a newly redesigned Great Room, which will serve as a sensory-friendly worship space beginning in January (Room W109 located just off the main worship center). The entire service will be shown in there on a large screen without any additional lighting or haze. We might even have that awesome fireplace going to combat the cold weather!

Like the wise men, plan to bring your best gift to Jesus on Christmas Eve. Whether it’s your regular offering, your Ripple or Promise offering, or just a special gift because God blessed you so much this year. To assist you with any year-end giving, you can download the Whitewater appand even sign up for recurring giving. Remember – our goal is to double the number of e-givers investing in the mission by the end of the year! Automate the important.

I read recently about a woman who waited until the last minute to send Christmas cards. She rushed into a store and bought a package of 50 cards without really looking at them. Still in a big hurry, she addressed 49 of the 50 and quickly signed them without reading the message inside. On Christmas Day, when things finally settled down, she glanced at the message she had sent to 49 of her friends. Much to her dismay it said – This card is just to say, a little gift is on the way.Suddenly she realized that 49 of her friends were expecting a gift from her – a gift that would never come!

Don’t let that happen to you this Christmas – plan out your gift giving to Jesus. Make it intentional and organized.

See you Sunday as we launch our new Christmas series, The Colors of Christmas. Should be full of faith and fun. (And hopefully not too much snow!)