Direct from David: It’s for everyone – and we mean EVERYONE!

Bob Franquiz, Founder of Church Ninja, said he watched a video once about famed investor Warren Buffet (the third richest man in America). Besides going to McDonald’s every day (which is hilarious), he gave a tour of his office.
On the tour, he showed framed newspaper headlines of the worst days in the history of the stock market. He said he posts them as stark reminders to his team about what can happen if they don’t do their jobs well. This applies to us this week too!

Did you get my Easter call this week? This is your last reminder from me that Easter matters–and it’s for everyone.

What happens if we don’t do our jobs inviting and people don’t attend our Easter services?

  • That family who is hanging on by a thread might not stay together.
  • That person who is thinking of ending his or her life won’t find hope.
  • That child who attends with their parents won’t hear the gospel in Harbortown in a way they understand.
  • That non-practicing friend or family member of yours won’t hear about a relationship that might change the trajectory of their life.

Maybe Warren Buffet’s words might jolt us into the realization that the kingdom inviting and serving this weekend is the most important work in the galaxy. We need just a few more volunteers on Sunday in Harbortown to be totally ready.

Why not send this link (https://whitewatercrossing.org/easter/) right now before you forget about it and make this Easter at Whitewater the biggest in our history?!

Maybe invite that same person who came with you to Michael Jr. Over 800 folks were here Friday night and then almost 2,000 were here Sunday to hear him again. I think the last-minute decision to have him speak again on Sunday morning was affirmed!

We had hundreds of people who raised their hand when Michael Jr. invited them to open or re-open the door of their heart to Jesus. Yea God! We want to help you with your next steps in this wonderful relationship with God. Might be going All-In through baptism, serving, or joining a small group. You can do that through the Whitewater app or email James Hansee if you have additional questions.

See you this Sunday as we celebrate our Risen Lord. Don’t come alonebecause it’s for EVERYONE!