It was a colorful sermon!

For Elvis it was blue and for us it was red last week. I’m talking about the new series we launched last Sunday – The Colors of Christmas. I bet you see a ton of red this week if you look! Red bows, red candy canes, red poinsettias, Santa’s suit, and of course, Rudolph’s famous nose. We took a colorful scripture safari and talked about red threads, red seas, and red dragons – there’s one in the manger you know!

Got a great email from Erik…

My family and I have been attending Whitewater Crossing for a few months now. We really enjoy the services and find your messages very informative. I never find my mind drifting, instead every message teaches me new things about living life as a Christian. I appreciate that you always keep Jesus as the center focus of your message. After your message explaining the significance of the color red and how it pertains to Christmas I told my wife that I want to find a red string to hang from my rear view mirror as a daily reminder that Jesus’ blood shed is the common thread and answer to every situation going on in my life. On Monday morning when I went into my office at work, I found a small spool of red string on my chair. Several people in our office were preparing gifts for some of our clients and were using the red string as a part of the gift wrapping; however, the red string should have never ended up in my office on my chair. The Lord has shown his realness to me more than once in my life and this is just another example of that. I now have the red string hanging from my rear view mirror…. God is good!!!

We also shared last Sunday our next major investment to ripple out God’s love globally. When we built Phase 2 with funds from the Promise campaign, we pledged to also build two other churches globally. The first gift for a church building went to Living Water Christian Mission (our partners in Haiti). We had not distributed funds for the second church yet because we had not found the right opportunity. Through our relationship with Laminda and Denise Ubhayawansha (Ooh baby-I-want-cha!) who are going to Sri Lanka next year, we were made aware of a church building that needed funds to be completed. So, Whitewater is sending a gift of $35,000 to finish building a church in Sri Lanka called Lanka Faith Mission. This church was started by Laminda and some others over 10 years ago.

Your faithful and sacrificial giving made this, as well as the recent Toy Store, possible.

Toy Store by-the-numbers: 150 volunteers from 80 households helped and 200 kids will have Christmas! Awesome.

By the way, we had over 3,400 pounds of food donated to the Food Pantry last month too!

We continue to Solve 7 of our world’s biggest problems through this local church. Spots are filling quickly for our January 6 food pack event at Hands Against Hunger. Our goal is to pack 75,000 meals to feed 300 students at our partner missionary Living Water Christian Mission for one year.

Who are you inviting to Christmas Eve? Besides the smell of sugar cookies wafting in the air (have you enjoyed that aroma in our halls this month?) our Christmas Eve services will definitely be special. Each of our three Christmas Eve services (9:30am, 11:15am, and 5:00pm) will be identical and we will focus on the color green for our Colors of Christmas series. Plan to come early or stay after one of the morning services to take advantage of our special Christmas Eve building tours. There is no Harbortown KIDS or Students programming on Christmas Eve so you can worship as a family.

As we still have sufficient funds in our Benevolence Resource Fund (and we have funded quite a few other projects lately), we will not be doing a special Christmas Eve offering this year. The regular offerings will go toward our General Fund so we can finish the year strong. Plan to bring your best gift to Jesus on Christmas Eve, whether it’s your regular offering, your Ripple or Promise contribution, or just a special gift because God blessed you so much this year. To assist you with any year-end giving, you can download the Whitewater app and even sign up for recurring giving. Remember – our goal is to double the number of e-givers investing in the mission by the end of the year! Automate the important.

See you this Sunday as we focus on the color White at Christmas. Can you guess which song we might do?!