I didn’t know you were so rich!?

We are officially becoming rich (in good deeds) and rippling out waves of love.

If you missed last Sunday’s message, catch it online THIS WEEK so you understand what all the chatter is about. I mentioned Millionaire Migraines last Sunday in my message. Here is the underlying research from UBS if you’re interested in more.

Someone also sent me a fantastic illustration making my point about having ‘enough.’ If money is the god that we worship, it’s never enough. For Bernie Madoff, more than $1 billion in assets wasn’t even enough. I still believe there is no better investment than the local church when it is working right! Everything else is sinking sand.

Diane Kist (my former assistant) also shared a true story from her life. ‘Your comment Sunday that we’re seldom satisfied with what we have, and that as people accumulate more they tend to hold onto their things more tightly is so true. I witnessed this first hand when I was a student at Milligan College. 

We were collecting for Toys for Tots, going house to house asking the home owners if they had any toys they wanted to donate. At the houses where people obviously lived more comfortably, we had little success. Then we came to a house that was clearly much more modest, perhaps even below the poverty line. The mother answered our knock at the door with her young child peaking from behind her.

We explained what we were doing. The mother said they didn’t have much to give, but then the child, who couldn’t have been more than 4 or 5, quickly darted from behind her mother’s skirt. In just a few moments she returned with her favorite stuffed animal to donate for another child. That child’s generosity left quite an impression on me and I have never forgotten that act of giving. It has challenged me so many times.’

Let’s pray for more of those stories to be shared as we learn how to Be Rich. Did you get your Ripple prayer name card as you left service Sunday? (More will be available as you exit the outside doors this Sunday, as well as a Ripple surprise too!) As we continue our Be Rich series, we are asking every adult that calls Whitewater home to pray for each another. Whose name did you get? Have you prayed for them yet? Someone is praying for you right now!

If you missed one of the Ripple Town Halls, we forgive you. Please catch up by watching the meeting online. You can also view the monthly Solve 7 Newsletter too!


A major Ripple of generosity from Whitewater will once again occur as we host our annual Toy Store event for under-resourced families in our church/community on Saturday, December 9 from 9am-noon. As a church ‘owning’ our neighboring schools, Whitewater partners with Miamitown Elementary and Three Rivers Elementary to provide an invitation-only event for parents and their elementary-age children. Invited parents shop and wrap gifts for their children 12 and under, while those children enjoy a Christmas experience of their own in Harbortown. The kids also go on a secret shopping/wrapping experience for their parents in another part of our building. Our church family has been so generous in the past, providing hundreds and hundreds of new toys for parents to choose from. It also takes over 100 volunteers to make Toy Store happen. Toy Store tags will appear on the trees November 12 in the Landing and volunteer sign-ups will begin the same day.

Here’s your chance to have a Ripple effect in our community and be generous with your time, talents, and treasure. A perfect chance to Be Rich!

See you this Sunday. Come and be part of this new movement of God called Ripple. You’ll be swept away with joy!

P.S. I know there is a ton of press (most not so good) about the NFL and kneeling these days. Here’s some Good News out of the NFL with Marcus Johnson, who went All-In recently – that makes 7 so far on his team! Great Ripples…