How’s that workout going?

Church coach Bob Franquiz says that every January gyms across America get packed. Lines 4-5 people deep to use treadmills and StairMasters. “Eye of the Tiger” is blasting over the stereo system as people get their sweat on.

But everyone knows what’s going to happen by February…the gym will clear out.Why? Many reasons, but he shares that a lot of people stop going to the gym because they simply don’t know how to use the machines and don’t know what a good workout consists of so they walk away and embrace old habits.

The same thing happens in churches each year – especially when school starts and fall begins. That’s why we are renewing our efforts around Whitewater to ‘train ourselves to be Godly’ as we fight the vices by embracing the virtues. We’re all in training for the fight of our lives and we want to give you specific instructions on how to use the equipment God has given us.

First, you need a daily quiet time with God and His Word, building your spiritual muscles by reflecting on scripture and how it applies to your life. For this Virtue vs. Vice series, we are printing the individual and group material right in the bulletin each week. Think of it as your weekly workout guide.

For example, here is the self-assessment for this week based on Diligence vs. Sloth (the Second Virtue and Vice):
– How frequently am I reluctant to do something that needs to be done?
– Would people around me say that I honor my commitments?
– Who is one person (real or fictional) I would like to be like in the area of diligence?
– If I grew in this area, what would be the biggest change in my life?

What if I wasn’t at church last weekend or didn’t keep my bulletin? No problem. You can find the electronic version of the bulletin by clicking here. Or, if it’s easier, just open your Whitewater App to see everything you need. Never installed the app before? Today’s a great day to start. Click here to download the Whitewater app for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, or Kindle.

Second, to train well, you need some training partners. We have almost 20 new small groups starting during this series: join one today.

Third, a great piece of equipment for training you should use multiple times a day is that memory verse we are learning. It’s from James 4: “But He gives us more grace. That is why scripture says: ‘God opposes the proud, but shows favor to the humble.’ Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the Devil, and he will flee from you. Come near to God and He will come near to you.”

One of the best ways to build your faith and spiritual muscle is through repetitive giving and serving others. Our upcoming Ripple campaign will be the perfect gym to assist you in this too! Say yes if you’re asked to serve on a Ripple team.

Today, I am finishing up my message for this coming weekend: Purity vs. Lust. I promise you won’t nod off this Sunday! By the way, this will be one of those PG-13 messages, so if you have young ones with you in adult worship, this would be the perfect Sunday to check them in to our awesome Harbortown ministry. They (and you) will have a much better worship experience.

How’s that workout going?

See you Sunday.

P.S. Looks like our brothers and sisters in Florida are getting hit this horrific hurricane season. Let’s pray for those now affected by Irma and be ready to engage again as we are doing for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. We will update this link to reflect opportunities as they come online.