An alcoholic on the verge of explosion, a gay guy in the closet engaged to a woman, a recently separated couple worried about appearances, and a widowed woman and her son are guests at a wedding trying to find some hope and healing.


VIP Premier: March 12

Public Premiers: March 19, 5pm & 8pm

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Funding / Volunteers

Hope Actually is an independent film without a Hollywood budget. But there are real expenses such as production, feeding the cast/crew while on set and safety items related to COVID. Please consider funding a locally produced film with a designated gift through Whitewater Crossing. If you would like to be considered for future projects as cast or crew, send us an email!

Cast/Crew Interviews

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Behind the lens

Joe Porter is the Director/Producer. Joe has been writing and directing in Cincinnati since 2009. The script was written by first time writers, Joe Porter, Amanda Porter, Jon Briscoe, Kyle Boreing and Jake Wendling. 

Contact: joe@innovatoryphotography.com