Get out of that boat to fix crazy!

I preached from a boat last Sunday. A crazy idea for a sermon about a crazy man who desperately needed to be Like Jesus.
I got more positive feedback than normal on this message. Check it out if you weren’t here, or forward to a friend who is a citizen of crazy-town right now.

We also introduced and prayed for our newest elder, Jonathan Davis, and his wife Mandy.

Get to know Jon a little more in this video.

Our theme this year is all about Jesus. How to think, act, and be just like Him.

Seems that many are seeking accurate answers about who He is and often looking in the wrong places for them. Google Home has disabled some of these features and when asked about religious figures now, simply replies – ‘Religion can be complicated and I’m still learning.Indeed it is! Which is why our Like Jesus quest and each Sunday message are so critical to informing your worldview. The church has the best answers on the planet to any issue – let’s be bold in sharing those and equally as bold in inviting others to attend with us to hear them.

The greatest truth about Jesus is that He rose from the dead. That fact, corroborated by eyewitnesses, provides the foundation of our faith. That is why Easter is so celebrated by Jesus followers everywhere. We will be enjoying Easter here at Whitewater with three services:

Saturday, March 31 at 5pm, Sunday, April 1 at 9:30am and 11:15am. Harbortown KIDS will be open for all three services. As we get closer, we will be encouraging some of us to attend and serve on Saturday to make room for our new guests on Sunday.

What a great time to be a follower of Jesus at Whitewater. So many opportunities and tools available for you to grow and be Like Jesus. Keep reading it, hearing it, and discussing it! The Like Jesus journey this year is an opportunity for you to kind of take two Bible College-level courses at once: Survey of the Bible & Systematic Theology for Life!

You don’t have to put your brain on a shelf to believe in God and His Son. Lee Strobel (former atheist now Christian author) said, ‘To continue in atheism, I would need to believe that nothing produces everything, non-life produces life, randomness produces fine-tuning, chaos produces information, unconsciousness produces consciousness, and non-reason produces reason. I simply didn’t have that much faith!’  Well said, Lee.

If you want a smile on this subject today, check out comedian Tim Hawkins doing some atheist kids songs.

Speaking of comedians, make plans now to come and hear Michael Jr. here at Whitewater on Friday night, March 23. I have heard Michael Jr. several times and he is outstanding. Perhaps buy a ticket for a friend who doesn’t go to church and then use that great experience to invite them back for an Easter service the next weekend!

See you Sunday for the best explanation I can give for how to have a saving relationship with this person named Jesus.