Direct from David: Four things I love on this Valentine’s Day

This is the day we celebrate our love for those who mean the most to us. Here are four things I love today (besides those candy sweet tarts)!

1. I love creativity. Our God is a creative God. Just look at the book of Genesis! We are made after His creative image; therefore, the church should be a creative place where the arts are unleashed. Leonardo Da Vinci was a creative artist unleashed. What ideas do you have that could help us creatively share the great message of Jesus here? Send them to us. We might just use them!

2. I love to see people help people. When we are ‘uber’ helpful through Solve7 and Life Center efforts, we are seeing the church at its best.

3. I love to see people invite others to find hope in Jesus. You really can share your hope in Jesus without being weird or offensive. Just go through your day looking for people who need an encouraging word or a helping hand. Then transition the conversation to a simple offer to ‘come and see’ Jesus.

4. I love my wife and family. Over the years, I have not always given mine the time and attention they deserve. I am committing to do better in 2018. I have learned that success in your personal life must be more important than success in your professional life. On this Valentine’s Day, I want to tell my kids, my grandkids, and especially my wife Donna how much I love them. They have embraced this unique call of God on my life and have often sacrificed time with me, so I could be with you. It is time to tell them thanks. Maybe you need to do the same with your spouse and family today. Carlos has some great ideas if you need some.

To love and be loved is a beautiful thing to behold. And not just on Valentine’s Day.