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For The One: A church-wide multiplication effort.

Success is not just measured on how many people COME to church, but how many people the church SENDS. 


Who is the one neighbor, co-worker or friend you could invest in?

We believe that the local body of Christ-followers called the church is the hope of the world! That means everyone being salt and light where they live, work and play.

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Who is the one person you could start developing and discipling so they can bring HOPE to others?

That's multiplication! This goes past just inviting people to church. You are the church and you can do this. If you are ready to start developing someone in their faith (or need it yourself!) then let us know. 

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How can we provide campuses in multiple communities for our friends and family to experience HOPE - one person at a time?

There are over 100,000 people within a 10 mile radius who don't have a church home! The details of launching a new site are currently being worked on by several teams. Obviously, this will take a lot of new leaders like you stepping up.

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