Direct From Micah?

I can’t wait for this weekend: we’ll kick off our new series called Think Like Jesus. Every week, we’ll be asking a simple question: What did Jesus think was true?

I encourage you to follow three simple patterns this spring: Read ithear it, and discuss it.

1.Read it. If you haven’t grabbed the yellow book yet, we’ll have them at the worship center doors this weekend. Try to read Chapter 1 before then if you can!

2.Hear it. Come and hear a great message (or an adequate message, if I’m preaching) looking at what Jesus thought about that week’s topic.

3.Discuss it. We talked about this last Sunday (see the video here). You can try to grow all by yourself, but this’ll go better if you’ve got somebody to lean on. “Iron sharpens iron,” as the book says.

Right now, there are two major ways Whitewater can help you discuss what you’re reading and hearing.

    • GroupBUILDER: Who would you like to spend more time with? Invite them to get together once a week to talk and share. Have trouble thinking of who you’d like to invite? Read this short guide. If you can find at least three other people that will commit to meeting every week for this series, fill out the GroupBUILDER form and pick up the group materials this weekend at Whitewater.


  • GroupLINK: If you’d feel more comfortable joining a group instead of starting one, come to GroupLINK this coming Sunday night from 6pm to 7pm here at Whitewater. It’s an easy way to meet people who look like you or live near you. We’ll have dessert, coffee, and the biggest map of the West Side you’ve ever seen. You don’t need to register unless you need childcare: just show up at 6pm on Sunday. Hope to see you there!

Ok, that’s it from me. Next week we’ll return to your regularly scheduled broadcast. Stay warm, and see you Sunday!

– Micah