The Christian life isn’t meant to be lived by yourself. We have small and medium-sized groups to help you to connect to a spiritual community.

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Help me find my people!

– Young Adult People (College-Aged): If you’re between 18 and 24, this is for you.
– Young Adult People (Professional): If you’re between 24 and 32, this is for you.
– Motorcycle People: Ride with other Whitewater People.
– Jeep People: They’re unlike anyone else.
– Movie People: Want to watch a Christian movie every month this summer?
– Book People: Take a look. It’s in a book!
– Active People: Run/Walk/Hike with other Whitewater people this summer.
– Builder People: Help with a couple of cool outdoor projects here at Whitewater.
– Car People: Love cars? Love working on them? This is for you.
– Fatherly People: Eat breakfast on June 16 at 8am
– Motherly People: School’s out and kids are home. Commiserate with other moms.
– Business People: Is your workplace your mission field? Learn how to be At Work On Purpose.
– Widowed People: Find support from other ladies who know what it’s like.
– Other People: Are there other people like you? Choose this to propose new group types.

Help me find my people!

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