The Christian life isn’t meant to be lived by yourself.

We work hard to have a great time of worship and teaching every Sunday morning, and you can just show up, sit down, and soak for as long as you want. But eventually, you’ll want to get to know some people.  Or maybe you already know plenty of people, but you’re ready to dig deeper.

We have small and medium-sized groups to help you learn, grow, and connect with God and with other people at Whitewater.

Small Groups

Small groups at Whitewater are usually between four and fourteen people (but usually around 10) that meet weekly to connect, study, discuss, and pray.  Most small groups meet in homes, although some do meet in public places or here at the church.small groups: more info

Care Groups

Care groups are specialized short-term small groups that focus on specific types of care and support. We have groups for people dealing with the death of a loved one, for those going through (or who have gone through) the pain of divorce, and so on. care groups: more info

Bible Studies

Bible Studies are mid-sized groups (between 14 and 40 people) that exist to study the Bible together. Unlike small groups, which are ongoing, Bible Studies have a clear starting and ending date and usually follow a semester schedule. They provide a great next step if you’re looking to get connected at Whitewater. Check back for new Bible Studies starting up. Bible Studies: more info


Why join a group?

Just looking to meet some people and take a step?

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