What happened on Christmas Eve at Whitewater?

What an awesome Christmas Eve at Whitewater! I heard about it all the way in Virginia where our family was celebrating Christmas this year. (more…)

It’s here!

Christmas week has finally arrived. Are you ready?


It was a colorful sermon!

For Elvis it was blue and for us it was red last week. I’m talking about the new series we launched last Sunday – The Colors of Christmas. I bet you see a ton of red this week if you look!  (more…)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

December, winter, and Christmas have finally arrived! Saw snow flurries this morning for the first time – not sure I’m excited about it either!

What’s Your Attitude?

Christian author Max Lucado says our attitude about this world here on earth is similar to a passenger on a plane. When the plane lands you never hear anyone say, “Do we have to get off? Can I just stay here and eat some more pretzels and peanuts and stay in this cramped seat?” (more…)

A miracle in the moment…

Hope you were there last Sunday morning to hear the announcement of the Ripple results. Here it is again – we had 403 commitment cards turned in totaling $5,752,558!

Who Am I?

Life is full of great questions. We have launched a new weekend series from the book of I Peter to answer some questions that are pretty good. James Hansee answered the first question – Who am I? It’s an important answer to know.

A Ripple or a Tsunami?

What an exciting time to be a part of what God is doing at Whitewater. Ripple is one of those special moments that occurs in the life of a church where trust runs deep and generosity is the norm. I got an email last week I can’t wait to share…

So much better than Halloween candy!

Well, it’s finally here! A date that will define this church for decades to come. The date that will determine how many spiritual waves we will create – Ripple Commitment Sunday. (more…)

Stories of God at Work…

I heard about a local fireman’s fund volunteer in a fairly small town who was making his rounds door to door and noticed that the most successful lawyer in the town hadn’t made a contribution. This lawyer was making about $600,000 a year so the volunteer called him up.  (more…)

I didn’t know you were so rich!?

We are officially becoming rich (in good deeds) and rippling out waves of love.


If ever the church is needed it is now!

Like me, you have probably been rocked by the horrific tragedy in Las Vegas. It absolutely re-affirmed to me the reality of evil, but also the need of Jesus and the church.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Preacher

You will likely get a call this week or next from me, your friendly neighborhood preacher.

It’s a special recorded invite to attend an upcoming Ripple Town Hall info meeting. For those of you who suffer from FOMO (Fear OMissing Out), this is the cure! Don’t just watch things happen around here – make some waves! There are three of these meetings: October 3, 5, and 12 (please RSVP if you need childcare at one of the evening sessions). (more…)

Sankofa Bird

A member of our church (Jeff Lieb) told me about a mythical creature: the Sankofa bird.

XXX Sunday

Last Sunday I preached on the vice of lust. It was a difficult, but necessary message. Thanks for the encouraging response from so many of you – especially our ladies.

How’s that workout going?

Church coach Bob Franquiz says that every January gyms across America get packed. Lines 4-5 people deep to use treadmills and StairMasters. “Eye of the Tiger” is blasting over the stereo system as people get their sweat on.

7 Things on my mind this Labor Day week!

– Seven more folks went All-In last Sunday after serviceAll-In is clearly not All Over!

All-In! Eclipse

Last Sunday at Whitewater it was more about the SON than the sun! While the world was watching the heavens, the heavens were watching us.

Even a Dictator Went All-In!

This coming weekend is the one a lot of us have been waiting for! Our All-In baptism Sunday. Please pray. We will be baptizing at both Sunday services and this has the potential to be the largest All-In experience in our history! (more…)

Is HE calling your name?


Sunday, August 20 is shaping up to be a day of unprecedented response. A day where people take the next step in their spiritual journey and go All-In with their faith by being baptized, just like they were in the New Testament. It’s our annual All-In Baptism Weekend! (more…)