Embarking on the largest outreach initiative Whitewater has ever undertaken!

Because of our mission, we are embarking on the largest outreach initiative we have ever undertaken. The Solve 7 Summer Challenge has begun!

Direct from David: The ‘Why’

If you were not here last Sunday, I have a heartfelt request – Would you please watch the message I shared last Sunday? Really – I mean watch it right now.

Direct from David: Joe and the Judge

The Judge and Joe were a hit last Sunday. So many were touched by Judge Bernstein’s heart and message of hope.

Direct from David: A little country wisdom

I am a little country. I like country music (which is really three chords and the truth!) and wearing Wrangler jeans. I like the south and have a slight accent. I am a tad folksy and have even been known to ride a horse (not just the one at Walmart.) (more…)

Direct from David: Summer, Solve 7, Staff, and Supreme Court…

Things are heating up outside (it’s hot out there!), but also heating up with major activity as a church as we move into summer.

Direct from David: What is the ‘Good Sam’ pledge?

Maybe you’ve heard the story of two workhorses who were competing against each other in order to see which one could pull the most weight. The first horse pulled 9,000 pounds, and the second one pulled 8,000 pounds. Someone thought it would be interesting to see how much they could pull together. You would think that they would pull about the total of their individual weight pulling, about 17,000 pounds. But – they pulled a total of 30,000 pounds together!  (more…)

Direct from David: 🐜 in my 👖?

I was backstage in our Green Room before service last Sunday and saw a small pile of dirt/dust along one of our outside walls. Worried it might be termites or something, I sought the input of our wise Facilities Director, Pat MacDonald. He looked it over and responded with the word – ANTS.

Direct from David: 7 Things on my mind…

Hope you are enjoying this fantastic week leading up to Mother’s Day. Summer weather has finally arrived. Yea God!  (more…)

Direct from David: A unique way to feed on the Word

It is reported that Negus Menelik, ruler of Ethiopia from 1844-1913, believed the printed Bible had such special power that each day he ate two pages!

Direct from David: How’s that praying thing going?

On Sunday, we talked about how important it is to Pray Like Jesus and are now on a renewed quest to pray more. (more…)

Direct from David: A slightly selfish Direct this week?

My heart (as well as those of other pastors) has been heavy over the last few weeks as the evangelical world has been rocked by accusations directed at a high-profile pastor named Bill Hybels.  (more…)

Direct from David: Anybody reading this feeling lonely?

We are so blessed to have a team of communicators here at Whitewater who passionately and creatively share God’s Word.  (more…)

Direct from David: It was indeed for everyone.

Easter was indeed for EVERYONE.

Direct from David: It’s for everyone – and we mean EVERYONE!

Bob Franquiz, Founder of Church Ninja, said he watched a video once about famed investor Warren Buffet (the third richest man in America). Besides going to McDonald’s every day (which is hilarious), he gave a tour of his office.

Direct from David: Some weeks are better than others! Want to know why?

Some weeks I absolutely love being a pastor at a church like Whitewater. (There are a few days that I don’t too, but that’s another Direct!) (more…)

Direct from David: 5 things I cannot keep secret…

1. Our Donor Day this week was a big success! (more…)

Direct from David: It’s almost time!

What is the church really? In our Like Jesus journey last Sunday, we talked about that.

Direct from David: Who are you, really?

I got lots of feedback on my hats from last Sunday.

Direct from David: Four things I love on this Valentine’s Day

This is the day we celebrate our love for those who mean the most to us. Here are four things I love today (besides those candy sweet tarts)! (more…)

Direct from David: Four things I get to do (and you can too)!

1. I get to teach about things I love. Last Sunday, I got to teach from John 3 with the help of my granddaughter Brooklyn.