Big Daddy Weave Concert

November 9, 7-10pm

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Harbortown KIDS 411

September 17

Here are some tips to talk to your kids about what they learned this weekend: how John the Baptist understood who he was and who Jesus is, and that Jesus was greater than John. (more…)

XXX Sunday

Last Sunday I preached on the vice of lust. It was a difficult, but necessary message. Thanks for the encouraging response from so many of you – especially our ladies.

Family Dedication Day

November 5, 2pm

Parents of infants and young children commit their child’s spiritual journey to God and declare their intent to raise their child to be a Christ-follower in this sweet and meaningful celebration of faith. (more…)

Harbortown KIDS 411

September 10

Here is a quick snapshot of what your kids learned this weekend: how Jesus taught Nicodemus that spiritual birth is not unlike physical birth, in that a person cannot do it himself. It is something that happens to him. (more…)

Weekly Bulletin

Now you can view the weekly bulletin online! Bulletin is posted on the Thursday prior to the weekend.

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How’s that workout going?

Church coach Bob Franquiz says that every January gyms across America get packed. Lines 4-5 people deep to use treadmills and StairMasters. “Eye of the Tiger” is blasting over the stereo system as people get their sweat on.

7 Things on my mind this Labor Day week!

– Seven more folks went All-In last Sunday after serviceAll-In is clearly not All Over!

Prep Party

September 25, 9:30-11:30am

Come join the Prep Party Team to help get Harbortown classrooms ready for the upcoming month. No special skills are required; there are jobs for everyone! (more…)

Harbortown KIDS 411

September 3

Here are some tips to talk to your kids about what they learned this weekend: how the Devil targeted Jesus in His weakness, but Jesus never sinned. (more…)

Houston Response

Many have asked how they can help and respond to the crisis in Houston. While there are many ways to assist, we recommend the below options to start with: (more…)

Harbortown KIDS 411

August 27

Here is a quick snapshot of what your kids learned this weekend:  that Jesus never sinned, but He obeyed God and was baptized. Baptism reminds us of Jesus’ death and resurrection. (more…)

All-In! Eclipse

Last Sunday at Whitewater it was more about the SON than the sun! While the world was watching the heavens, the heavens were watching us.

Handy Hands

Tuesday, September 19 & Thursday, September 21

Be the hands of Harbortown KIDS by joining us to prepare needed supplies for weekend programming and special events. (more…)


Wednesdays, September 6-April 25

High school students in grades 9-12, come to The Union to wind down or rev up after school on Wednesdays. (more…)

Even a Dictator Went All-In!

This coming weekend is the one a lot of us have been waiting for! Our All-In baptism Sunday. Please pray. We will be baptizing at both Sunday services and this has the potential to be the largest All-In experience in our history! (more…)

Is HE calling your name?


Sunday, August 20 is shaping up to be a day of unprecedented response. A day where people take the next step in their spiritual journey and go All-In with their faith by being baptized, just like they were in the New Testament. It’s our annual All-In Baptism Weekend! (more…)

2nd Quarterly Report 2017

Every number has a name, every name has a story, every story matters to God.

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Upward Volunteer

Come out this fall and volunteer to help kids in grades K-5 grow in their personal athletic journeys through Upward football and cheer. (more…)