Harbortown KIDS 411


April 23

Here are some tips to talk to your kids about what they learned this weekend: that Daniel chose to obey God no matter what, and God blessed Daniel and his friends. (more…)



It is finished (Tetelestai). Easter weekend that is. Thanks to your fantastic inviting, we had a record-breaking attendance of 3,082 on Easter weekend (last year we welcomed 1,948). And that was with I-74 being totally shut down Sunday morning because of an accident. (Got texts from people who were stuck and turned around to go back home.) I am so proud of everyone who invited, served, and attended. Every number has a name, every name has a story, and every story matters to God. (more…)

Struggling at School (Part Two)


Practical Parenting – April 21, 2017

School-Age Kids
Every child will struggle with an area of life. Even if your child is an academic superstar, they may struggle socially. We seem to all have a “thorn in our side.” (more…)

Soul’d Out Concert

sould out

Saturday, May 6, from 6:30pm to 9:00pm

A free concert provided by a Southern Gospel group based here in Ohio. Read more about the group and follow their tour at https://www.souldoutquartet.com

Concert is taking place in the main Worship Center. Childcare is not provided.

First Friday Flashback


May 5, 6:30-10pm

Young adults, ages 18-26ish, join us for a night of pure 90’s nostalgia! (more…)

Taming the Tantrums (Part Two)


Practical Parenting – April 18, 2017

Preschool Kids
Today we’re going to continue the conversation about Taming the Tantrums by reading some encouraging Scripture. (more…)

Harbortown KIDS 411


April 16, Easter

Here is a quick snapshot of what your kids learned this weekend about how Jesus died for our sins. (more…)

The greatest comeback ever! DFD


I love sports. (Especially around spring with The Final Four and The Masters back to back!) If you are a sports fan, you have witnessed not one, not two, but three of the greatest comebacks in the history of the three major American sports (NBA, MLB, NFL) within the last year. (more…)

Fifth-Grade Promotion Celebration


June 1, 6:30pm

Come celebrate your child’s transition to middle school with a dinner, followed by a celebration moment. (more…)

Kyle Boreing’s Interesting Small Group

Close-up of People Reading the Word of God together

Thursdays, 7-8:30pm, starting April 27

A brand new group for married couples with kids is starting up. The group will be facilitated by Kyle Boreing located on the church campus. It’s the perfect time to jump in – when everyone else is new and awkward! You can make some friends and study the Bible together. Pretty interesting, huh?

The group meets for 6 weeks starting April 27.  (more…)

Harbortown KIDS 411


April 9

Here are some tips to talk to your kids about what they learned this weekend: that on Palm Sunday Jesus entered Jerusalem as the King of kings and the people welcomed Him as King because Jesus was the Messiah spoken about by the prophet Zechariah. (more…)

007 and Easter DFD


I have a confession – I like James Bond movies (especially the older ones). I’ve seen every one. Someone even gave me a music CD with all the James Bond theme songs/music and every once in a while someone will hear it playing in my office and smile. I have always wanted to say to a visitor to our church – ‘Hi, my name is Vaughan. David Vaughan.’ The Bond flick from 2012, Skyfall, is one of my favorites because it blends the past and the future. It also has one of the best lines which is highly relevant this week. Someone asked Bond if he has a hobby. He replies with one word: ‘Resurrection.(more…)

Struggling at School (Part One)


Practical Parenting – April 6, 2017

School-Age Kids
No matter what type of student you have, we ALL are asking if my child is learning what he/she needs to at school and what can I do to help them be a better student? (more…)

Taming the Tantrums (Part One)


Practical Parenting – April 4, 2017

Preschool Kids
This month we are going to tackle a very important subject that you face as a parent… taming those bigger-than-toddler-sized tantrums. (more…)

Kroger Community Rewards


Since 2008…

Kroger has contributed over $30,000 to Whitewater because of your participation in this rewards program! Sign-up online at krogercommunityrewards.com to join in! It doesn’t cost you or the church anything to participate. Simply use your Kroger card while you shop! (more…)

Harbortown KIDS 411


April 2

Here is a quick snapshot of what your kids learned this weekend about how in a vision, God showed Ezekiel His power to make dead people alive, and how we see God’s power at the cross.  (more…)

Super Sunday


April 30, both services

Dress up as your favorite superhero, as we review our lessons and talk about how to be a superhero in your life.

A Weird Easter and an Amazing Video DFD


We are enjoying and learning so much from our Cross My Heart series on the seven last words of Christ from the cross. Many folks have been traveling for spring break; so if you missed last week, catch it hereIf for no other reason, watch for Missy’s Dollar Difference video at the close of my sermon. It’s one of the best examples I have ever seen of the church working right. Do your water homework every day this week (listen to the message), and to quote another interesting man, “Stay thirsty, my friends!” (more…)

Prep Party


May 2, 9:30-11:30am

Come join the Prep Party Team to help get Harbortown classrooms ready for the upcoming month. No special skills are required; there are jobs for everyone! (more…)

Easter 2017 Volunteers

Easter serving header

It takes hundreds of people in addition to our regular serving teams to pull off 4 Easter services with excellence! You can play a huge part in helping people find hope in Jesus and a home in His local church. Here’s how: (more…)