Direct from David: How’s that praying thing going?

On Sunday, we talked about how important it is to Pray Like Jesus and are now on a renewed quest to pray more. (more…)

Harbortown KIDS 411

April 22

Here is a quick snapshot of what your kids learned this weekend: that Thomas doubted and refused to believe that Jesus was alive. He lacked faith. (more…)

Handy Hands

May 21 & 23

Handy Hands has moved to Mondays and Wednesdays. Join us and be the hands of Harbortown KIDS by joining us to prepare needed supplies for weekend programming and special events. (more…)

Kindergarten Promotion

Harbortown KIDS would like to celebrate your child’s transition to kindergarten by giving you and your child some tools to get ready. (more…)

Direct from David: A slightly selfish Direct this week?

My heart (as well as those of other pastors) has been heavy over the last few weeks as the evangelical world has been rocked by accusations directed at a high-profile pastor named Bill Hybels.  (more…)

Spirit Sunday

April 29, both services

Harbortown kids, come to church dressed in your school spirit wear or colors! (more…)

20 Scripture-Based Prayers to Pray for your Pastor

By Terry Teykl (more…)

Harbortown KIDS 411

April 15

Here are some tips to talk to your kids about what they learned this weekend: how Jesus showed His disciples physical proof that He was alive. Jesus’ mission was accomplished, but the disciples’ work was just beginning. (more…)

Direct from David: Anybody reading this feeling lonely?

We are so blessed to have a team of communicators here at Whitewater who passionately and creatively share God’s Word.  (more…)


May 6, 12:30-2pm

All Harbortown volunteers (no matter in what capacity you serve) are asked to attend this annual NEXT meeting. (more…)

Harbortown KIDS 411

April 8

Here is a quick snapshot of what your kids learned this weekend: how all the Bible is about Jesus, with the Old Testament pointing to Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. (more…)

CIY Move

Sunday, June 17-Thursday, June 21

High school students, sign-up for this awesome 5-day event on the beautiful Cedarville University campus. Have fun and learn about a relationship with Christ. (more…)

Direct from David: It was indeed for everyone.

Easter was indeed for EVERYONE.

Harbortown KIDS 411

April 1

Here are some tips to talk to your kids about what they learned this weekend: that Jesus died and was raised from the dead to provide salvation from sin and eternal life.. (more…)

Prep Party

April 30, 9:30-11:30am

Come join the Prep Party Team to help get Harbortown classrooms ready for the upcoming month. No special skills are required; there are jobs for everyone! (more…)

Direct from David: It’s for everyone – and we mean EVERYONE!

Bob Franquiz, Founder of Church Ninja, said he watched a video once about famed investor Warren Buffet (the third richest man in America). Besides going to McDonald’s every day (which is hilarious), he gave a tour of his office.

Direct from David: Some weeks are better than others! Want to know why?

Some weeks I absolutely love being a pastor at a church like Whitewater. (There are a few days that I don’t too, but that’s another Direct!) (more…)

Sensory Friendly

Beginning April 1

If you are sensitive to loud music, moving lights or large crowds, we’ve got you covered!  (more…)

Family Dedication Day

April 29, 2pm

Parents of infants and young children commit their child’s spiritual journey to God and declare their intent to raise their child to be a Christ-follower in this sweet and meaningful celebration of faith. (more…)

Direct from David: 5 things I cannot keep secret…

1. Our Donor Day this week was a big success! (more…)