Volunteers for Teen Night with Brock Gill

June 9

Please volunteer to help make to help make this Teen Night with Brock Gill successful for our students. (more…)

Harbortown KIDS 411

May 21

Here is a quick snapshot of what your kids learned this weekend about God’s people returning  to Jerusalem, and rebuilding the temple that the Chaldeans had destroyed, because it pointed to Jesus. (more…)

Handy Hands

Tuesday, June 27 & Thursday, June 29

Be the hands of Harbortown KIDS by joining us to prepare needed supplies for weekend programming and special events. (more…)

First Friday

Friday, June 2, 6:30-10pm

Young adults (18-26ish) will meet up the first Friday of every month in the Union. (more…)

I want to get baptized so I can see my little boy again DFD

Hi Friends.

On Mother’s Day Sunday, we experienced one of the most moving baptisms I have witnessed in a church service. It was the baptism of a still grieving, but courageous young mother who was featured in a recent Dollar Difference. Check it out here.  Her statement on what prompted her immersion was: ‘I want to get baptized so I can see my little boy again.’ So powerful, especially on Mother’s Day. (more…)

Honor Through Discipline (Part Two)

Practical Parenting – May 18, 2017

School-Age Kids
We know we’re called to discipline our children, so what does discipline really mean anyway? How is discipline different from punishment? (more…)

You Can Do It! (Part Two)

Practical Parenting – May 16, 2017

Preschool Kids
There are times when we are made to doubt our abilities as parents. How you deal with these situations makes all the difference in the world, both for you and for your child. (more…)

Harbortown KIDS 411

May 14

Here are some tips to talk to your kids about what they learned this weekend:  the story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den shows that God is the living God, and He endures forever. (more…)

Detoxings and Openings DFD

I am still celebrating and smiling about the energetic opening of last Sunday’s service with our wonderful students! It was epic. The reason they are so exited is because this Sunday the Union will open its doors for the first time. Students/Young Adults have waited a long time for this day and they’d like to show off what God has provided. So please stop by this Sunday at the Union from 9-10am – the doors will be open and they’ve got a little goodie waiting for you. It is Mother’s Day, so it truly will be the mother of all openings! (more…)

Promotion Weekend

Sunday, June 4, all services

All kids entering kindergarten through sixth-grade move up to their new grades and classrooms.

Harbortown KIDS 411

May 7

Here is a quick snapshot of what your kids learned this weekend about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. God rescued them from the fire and He rescues us too, through Jesus. (more…)

Dont Be Late! DFD

We successfully launched our new series Detox the Mind last Sunday. James Hansee and our worship team did an outstanding job. You can catch the live rebroadcast of Sunday’s service tonight at 7pm. That sharp young lady featured in the video (I happen to know her!) also blogs regularly about mental health. (more…)

Brock Gill

Friday June 9, 7-10pm

Students in grades 6-12, join us for a night like never before. We’ve got pumpin’ music, games, food, prizes and Brock Gill, illusionist and stunt artist!

Buy tickets online – $10 volunteer



Summer Explosion Serving

June 5-8, 6:30-8:30pm

Help kids discover the God of the universe by volunteering for Summer Explosion. (more…)

Prep Party

May 30, 12:30-2:30pm (change in time)

Come join the Prep Party Team to help get Harbortown classrooms ready for the upcoming month. No special skills are required; there are jobs for everyone! (more…)

Honor Through Discipline (Part One)

Practical Parenting – May 4, 2017

School-Age Kids
Disciplining our children is probably THE most difficult aspect of parenting. (more…)

Mother’s Day Portraits

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You Can Do It! (Part One)

Practical Parenting – May 2, 2017

Preschool Kids
You probably can recall a few times in your life as a parent when you’ve gotten some unwarranted advice or even scolding about your parenting skills. (more…)

Summer Explosion Registration

June 5-8, 6:30-8:30pm

Start your summer with a bang! We’re going to have games, music, crafts, high-energy music and fun each night.

Kids, from age 4 through those entering grade 5 in the fall, are invited to join us for Summer Explosion this summer to make friends and learn more about our great God. (more…)

I gave them Hell… DFD

Well, kinda. I gave folks heaven, but talked about hell. If you missed it, check out the rebroadcast tonight at 7pm. Our job as a church is to get the word out about this horrible, painful, and eternal place so people are saved from it. Here is one of the best poems ever written about hell. (more…)