It is only through Jesus that things can get better. 

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If you miss a week of Better, catch up on our watch page or on the mobile app. Each week you will discover how God used an Old Testament story to explain what Jesus did for us.

Experience Lent

Lent is all about giving up something good for something better in your life. This spiritual discipline will help you draw yourselves closer to God. Read more

Easter at Whitewater

Better leads up to our Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter services about Jesus as the ultimate victor that gives new life.


We didn’t have a chance. We were in darkness. But Jesus stepped in to make things better. He is the true and better everything. Each week we will layout an Old Testament story giving the setting for one of these ideas, then show how God used that story in advance as a way to explain what Jesus did for us.

March 12/15: Jesus is our Better Promise
March 19/22: Jesus is our Better Father
March 26/29: Jesus is our Better Advocate
April 2/5: Jesus is our Better Sacrifice

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