Any interest in becoming more LIKE JESUS? 

How’s your 2018 going so far? (Besides cold!)

I’ve got some heartwarming news – 2018 at Whitewater will be dedicated to helping all of us live out our mission on planet Earth by becoming more LIKE JESUS. 

We will learn how to Think, Act, and Be Like Jesus.

Three things will help you become more Like Jesus:

1. Read it.

We’ll be using this book and there will be something to read each week. Get your copy this Sunday and begin. Along with reading the Bible (always a good thing to read!), this weekly reflection will provide our foundation for the year.

2. Hear it. Make a commitment to be here every Sunday possible in 2018 to hear a message that goes along with your weekly reading. Randy Frazee himself will be here this Sunday to kick the whole thing off! Be here in 2018 and don’t come alone! 2018 will be a fantastic year for you to do your BEST inviting to a Sunday service. We have 500 extra seats open on Sundays, so we can throttle forward with our inviting. As I mentioned, I’m using #OneMore as my passionate pursuit. I want one more person to hear about this earth- and eternity-changing relationship with Jesus. My friend Bob Russell’s challenge to invite at least one person to attend church is a fantastic resolution.

We’ll be ready for you and your invited friends every Sunday. No matter where you sit, we’ve got you covered. This weekend, The Great Room (W109) will open up as a sensory-friendly worship space specifically designed for those who are sensitive to light, sound, movement or crowds. The entire service will be shown on a large screen without any additional production elements and will include communion. (Please utilize Harbortown KIDS or the parent room for crying or fussy children.)

3. Discuss it. I believe with all my heart that God has placed you here for a purpose bigger than you think. A person who was purposed by God to point people to find help, hope, and a home in Jesus. We want the church to be gathered on Sunday, but we want even more for the church to be scattered. For you to not just attend and consume, but to connect and discuss what you are learning. A Like Jesus small group will help you with this. Why don’t you make a resolution that 2018 will be the year you come out of anonymity and get connected to a group around here?

Better yet, think through how you can take that social group you’re already part of and leverage it for intentional spiritual community instead. That’s really becoming Like Jesus! I believe that God placed you right where you are with the job you have, the social network you have, and the place you live and shop for a reason. It’s not to drive you crazy, it’s to be crazy for people and Jesus.

Micah Odor is lining up a terrific event called GroupLink on Sunday, January 21 at 6pm. We’ll be starting new groups and giving you a chance to connect with existing ones. If you come to GroupLink, you will be part of a group when you leave.

Like Jesus will help us continue to be about ‘relationship, not just religion.’ It’s more than a church tagline – it’s a passion. It’s who we are.

Like Jesus will strengthen your faith and radically turbo your spiritual growth in 2018. Read it, hear it, and then discuss it!


This year will also bring some new faces to our elder leadership team. Elders fulfill a vital role in the church and we are pleased to announce that Jonathan Davis has been added to our elder team for 2018.

Jon has served faithfully at Whitewater in various serving positions and was born/raised in the Lawrenceburg area. He gave his life to Christ on October 21, 1983 and was baptized in a lake at a youth retreat at age 19. He has been married to Mandy for 11 years, and the couple has been blessed with three wonderful children: Kaivan, and twins Evelyn and Orion. Jon has worked at Perfect North Slopes for 23 years, and currently serves on the executive team managing operations. (Jon LIKES the weather right now!) Jon and Mandy will be introduced at a Sunday service in January.



Ted Mensing is returning to our eldership team after having taken one year off (as required in our Bylaws), and will be assuming the role of Elder Chair. Bob Stoll and Stan Graff will be rotating off the elder board in 2018. A huge thanks to Bob and Stan (and our entire elder team) for their leadership in helping us be more Like Jesus.