October 17 Devotional


Open your Bibles together and read Elijah-1 Kings 19. Remember, any version works, or try a kids’ Bible or Bible app.


Younger Ones:  Take a magnifying glass and explore some of God's work in nature. What do you see?

Older Ones:  Use a blindfold and have your friend hand you different items around you. Can you guess what it is without looking?


Younger Ones:  Can we know everything about God? Did Elijah get to see God?

Older Ones:  Which part of creation is your favorite? When God came to Elijah, how did He speak to him? 

Frond.pngOrganic Conversation

Our story showed us that one way we can see what God is like is by looking at the things He created. It is so much fun to wonder! God created our brains to wonder about the things around us because when we do, we’ll be able to see how awesome and WONDERful He is! What are some things that you see around you that can help you see what God is like?

Ribbon.pngVerse of the Week

Our memory verse for this week helps us tell God how wonderful He is. "Your glory fills me with wonder. You do amazing things." Exodus 15:11

TalkBoxes.pngPrayer Prompts

During your prayer time, say this prayer::
“Dear God! Thank You for showing us more about who You are today. We know there are things about You that are too wonderful for us to understand. Help us to look for You in all that You have made and to listen for Your gentle, soft voice. We love You! Amen!"

Plus.pngAdditional Resources

Check out this website for some super cool science experiments made just for kids.