August 2 Devotional


Open your Bibles together and read John 18:1-20:18. Remember, any version works, or try a kid's Bible or Bible app!  


Younger Ones: Use painter’s tape to make crosses on heavyweight paper. Paint over the crosses with watercolor paints or crayons and then remove the tape.   

Older Ones: Brainstorm some of the things that separate us from God. List each one on a sheet of paper. Discuss how our sin separates us from God because He is holy. Draw a large cross over the sins listed on the paper. Talk about how Jesus died to take our sin upon Himself and faced the punishment we deserve.


Younger Ones: What did Jesus’ followers do when He was arrested? What was the crown made of that the soldiers put on Jesus’ head? What did Jesus tell the two women to do?

Older Ones: Where did Jesus pray? Who brought a crowd to arrest Jesus? What sealed Jesus’ tomb?

Frond.pngOrganic Conversation

This week, watch for a time when someone is hurtful or mean to another family member. Encourage them to offer grace and forgiveness, just as Jesus offered us in exchange for our sin.    

Ribbon.pngVerse of the Week

Work as a family to learn the following verse: “Just as I have loved you, you should love each other.” John 13:34. Write each word on a card/piece of paper. See if your family can put the words in order together. 

TalkBoxes.pngPrayer Prompts

Read Psalm 103 as a prayer of thankfulness to God for His love and forgiveness. 

Plus.pngAdditional Resources

The YouVersion Bible app contains Bible reading plans on a variety of topics, as well as plans for kids to complete. Check it out and complete a plan together as a family!