June 20 Devotional


Open your Bibles together and read Ecclesiastes 1:1-11. Remember, any version works, or try a kids’ Bible or Bible app!


Younger Ones:  What’s the Purpose?

Gather various items such as a pencil, toy, key, phone, glasses, toothbrush, and so forth. Place the items in a pillowcase. Invite a family member to pull an item from the pillowcase without looking. Encourage them to hold up the item and explain the item’s purpose and what it is used for or why it exists.

Older Ones:   Forever Bubbles
Ask your family to stand and spread out in front of you. Explain to them that you are going to blow some bubbles. Their job is to catch a bubble and try to make it last until you are done blowing bubbles. After several minutes of them trying to catch and keep bubbles, discuss this experience with your family.


Younger Ones:  In what Book of the Bible are the words Solomon wrote as he thought about life? Who makes life make sense? Who is the only One who can make us truly happy?

Older Ones: What does Solomon say about life at the beginning of the chapter? What do you think meaningless means? How many new things are there under the sun?

Frond.pngOrganic Conversation

This week, as a family, talk about sin. What sin is your biggest sin? What sin do you do over and over again. How can you change your heart to look more like Jesus? Remember, we will never be perfect, and God knows that, but as we follow Christ, our lives should start to change and look more like the life Jesus lived while on this earth.

Ribbon.pngVerse of the Week

Work as a family to learn the following verse: “The Lord is good and His love endures forever.” Psalm 100:5. Make-up motions to this verse to help you memorize it!

TalkBoxes.pngPrayer Prompts

During your prayer time, say this prayer, “Dear God, we are learning today that life only has purpose with You. We also are learning that everything You do is for Your glory, and You are good. That can be hard for us to remember when life gets scary, sad or really hard. Will You help us to trust You more? Amen.”

Plus.pngAdditional Resources

Looking for some Bible tools such as apps, reading plans/devotional, or video studies? Check out some of these recommended resources on our page,