October 25 Devotional


Open your Bibles together and read Revelation 19:1-9.


Younger Ones: Use blank paper and magazines to cut out pictures and create a Heaven collage. Include any pictures that represent what you think heaven will be like-maybe rainbows, puffy clouds, animals, streets of gold, mountains, waterfalls, etc.

Older Ones: Create a “Road to Heaven” Obstacle Course with pillows, hula hoops, chairs, tunnel tube, etc. Sometimes we have to go through hard things in life, but we have the promise of heaven and a perfect place to look forward to at the end!


Younger Ones: What are the walls of heaven made of? What are the streets made of? What gives light to the city?  

Older Ones: Why doesn’t heaven need a sun or moon? What did Jesus say about His return? What things won’t be present in heaven?

Frond.pngOrganic Conversation

This week, watch for something sad or difficult that your family experiences. Remind each other that we will have hard things in this life, but we have the promise of heaven to look forward to!

Ribbon.pngVerse of the Week

Work as a family to learn the following verse: "This is the day which the LORD has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:24. Watch this video to learn a song that goes along with the verse:

TalkBoxes.pngPrayer Prompts

Make a list of all the amazing things we’ll see in heaven and the sad things we won’t have to experience in heaven. Pray and thank God for all of these things and for the promise of a perfect heaven to look forward to! 

Plus.pngAdditional Resources

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