September 18, 2022

Book.png Bible Story

We are completing the series called Homecoming. Today we learned about the woman who lost one of her ten coins. God has created us with so much potential, but when we get disconnected from Him, we can't fulfill this full potential. You can read all about it in Luke 15:8-10.  

Brain.pngDiscussion Questions

  • What did the lady do to find her coin?
    (light a lamp, sweep the house, search until the coin was found)
  • What did she do when she found her coin?
    (called her friends and neighbors asking them to rejoice with her)

Ribbon.pngMemory Verse

Our memory verse for this series is from Luke 19:10. It says, “For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save the lost.” We should always seek God's guidance and direction rather than following the lust of the eyes and the cravings of the flesh, which will lead us away from God.

TalkBoxes.pngPrayer Prompts

During your prayer time, ​​say a prayer that includes:

  • Thanking God for welcoming us with open arms
  • Asking Him to help us trust Him always

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