All-In: KIDS

Sunday, September 30, 9:30am

If your children have been asking about baptism, this class will help you navigate those questions and determine together if it’s a decision they are ready to make.

The foundational class, “Exploring Salvation & Baptism,” explores, on a kid-friendly level, what it means to become a Christian. Parents and children are encouraged to attend together. All-In: KIDS will help children be prepared before they make this big faith step.

We’d like parents to come prepared to chat about questions or concerns they have regarding their child’s choice to be baptized. Older elementary students who are interested in baptism should use this time to ask questions and gain a better understanding about the decision they are making. Bring a Bible to follow along with the leader, and to have some time as a family to look at some scripture.

The class will be held in Harbortown in Room 416.

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