Direct from David: A unique way to feed on the Word

It is reported that Negus Menelik, ruler of Ethiopia from 1844-1913, believed the printed Bible had such special power that each day he ate two pages!

He seemed to receive no harm from this until he ate some colored illustration pages in the area of I Kings. Some of the coloring chemicals were poisonous, and he died from it! This is not what we mean when we say we want you to feed on the Word! 

But every day we are encouraging you (like Jesus) to spend time in the scripture to nourish and nurture your soul. So this week, pick a place, a time, and a translation.

You Version is pure gold, as is the Whitewater App to help you Read the Word, Heed the Word, and Hide the Word.

Multiple studies have shown that reading and reflecting on scripture is THE most catalytic event/experience that helps you grow spiritually. Mason Seevers on our team is going to lead a fantastic one-week class on How to Study the Bible THIS evening (May 2) from 6:30 to 8:00pm in room 306. He will walk through a simple way to study the Bible using observation, interpretation, and application. It will be a workshop experience, as he will help you practice this before you leave.

Alisa Childers was simply fantastic last Sunday as we talked about How Jesus viewed the Scriptures. Read her two-part post on her website about this very topic: Part 1, Part 2She also has a great post on historical facts about Jesus. For more of this kind of apological material and teaching, circle Saturday, July 21 (9:00am to 1:00pm) on your calendar. James Hansee and Alisa will be co-hosting a seminar on Defending Christianity. 

One of the biggest heartbreaks and heartburns for a pastor (although they won’t talk about it!) is when a church member leaves. In a church this size, there is always somebody coming or going. Sometimes they leave for good reasons, but often for bad ones. Brian Moss blogged about this phenomenon in two posts: Part 1, Part 2.

Obviously, we want to do everything we can at Whitewater to discourage leaving and increase staying. Church consultant, Thom Rainer lists seven indicators of a person who is on the way out the door.

  1. Less frequent attendance
  2. Decreased giving
  3. Isolation from relational connections
  4. Stepping down from ministry positions
  5. Conflict with other members
  6. Negative votes at business meetings
  7. Family problems 

If you see any of these traits emerging and occurring, please take time to talk with a senior leader here at Whitewater. In fact, if we see these occurring in your life, we will likely reach out to you to chat. Why? Because we care about you.

Sometimes people are not only estranged from the church, but also their family. Bob Russell has such wise thoughts about this. Read it – especially if you are estranged from a family member or you love golf!

Stay engaged in our Like Jesus initiative as we head into the spring and summer. Keep that commitment to Read it (the Randy Frazee book), Hear it (on the weekend at a worship service), and Discuss it (in your small group). You’ll be glad you did!

My friend (and former preaching intern) Tyler McKenzie will be preaching this coming Sunday in our Like Jesus journey. He’s doing an amazing job at the Northeast Christian Church in Louisville and is a fantastic teacher.