Direct from David: A slightly selfish Direct this week?

My heart (as well as those of other pastors) has been heavy over the last few weeks as the evangelical world has been rocked by accusations directed at a high-profile pastor named Bill Hybels. I have learned so much from Bill about leadership and his influence on me and many of my colleagues has been incalculable. A pastor friend named Ben Cachiaras blogged about it last week and his words expressed so many of my feelings.

Bill’s drama is a stark reminder to me that the work that my staff and I are called to do here is difficult. Flat out hard. I know other occupations have their challenges, but the ministry brings expectations and temptations of another kind; of another world. Scott Sauls wrote about it and he is spot-on. Could I make a personal (and slightly selfish) request? Please read Scott’s blog right now and then say a prayer for my staff and me. I am so blessed to have fantastic elders here who love and ‘pastor the pastor,’ and we have a very healthy church here. But we are on the front lines of a cosmic battle and need your prayers. If Bill Hybels can mess up, then so can I. (And you can too by the way!)

Speaking of our wonderful staff, we would like to welcome Megan Begley to the Whitewater Staff team this week as our Early Education Associate! Megan will be leading the nursery department and all aspects of Preschool through 1st grade. Not only does she have a heart for helping people find hope in Jesus, she has a wealth of experience working with kids and leading ministry volunteers in Harbortown and elsewhere. We are excited for this wonderful part-time Harbortown team addition!

Got lots of great feedback on my message last Sunday on worship. My Weekend Worship Hacks seem to be well received. Now we get to practice them this coming Sunday. I will be here to talk about how to Pray Like Jesus.

Here are a few suggested tweets from last Sunday’s message for you to remember (and share!):

See you this Sunday, friend. Get ready to pray.

P.S. Here is a prayer guide with 20 scripture-based prayers for a pastor. I would love it if you would utilize for my team and me.