A Ripple or a Tsunami?

What an exciting time to be a part of what God is doing at Whitewater. Ripple is one of those special moments that occurs in the life of a church where trust runs deep and generosity is the norm. I got an email last week I can’t wait to share…


We were challenged with Ripple. Young kids, one income… embarrassed by how many excuses came to mind at first, it was wonderfully refreshing to be reminded that “WE ARE RICH.” We picked a number to give that ‘made sense’ that we knew we could commit, then bumped up one level like you suggested – trusting God and taking us out of our comfort zone.

Then it felt like God nudged us even further and we bumped up even MORE in faith, having no idea how that would happen. I am writing this as a testimony to put in your ‘You Can’t Make This Stuff Up’ folder. I kid you not…not even a week after submitting our commitment, I got a raise.

My pay had actually gone down that last couple of years due to circumstances out of anyone’s control, and I had no reason to expect this to bump back up this year. But it did. I truly believe it was confirmation from God about our commitment. It was a 5-figure increase! Per year, it was equal to our commitment plus 50%!!! We can’t out give God, and now I’m thinking we’ll have to revise our commitment this Sunday!

How did it feel to commit and Ripple out last Sunday?

If you didn’t turn in your Ripple Commitment card last Sunday, please either mail that in ASAP or submit your commitment electronically so we can add it to the total we will announce on November 19.

Although we will be launching a new weekend series this coming Sunday (Pretty Good Questions), Ripple and Solve 7 will be in our hearts and minds for some time. Thank you for being the church working right.  There truly is nothing like it!