Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update Page



Stories and content being shared daily on Facebook and YouTube.

State of the Church

Listen to the "State of the Church" address via video and hear a lot of the WHY behind the details of how we are doing ministry in this COVID-19 season.

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We Are Rockin'!

Read on to see how God is still greatly at work at Whitewater Crossing, and how we are rockin' some things so well.

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Screens and Schemes

What we see on the screen can often teach us powerful lessons from God. Learn more about our brand new teaching series called Life According to Movies.

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The World has Changed, but Our Mission Hasn't

The world has changed, but Whitewater is still bringing help and hope with our new online series about movies, along with a Movie Parade, and the Life Center's BOGO Campaign of Hope.

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We Launched Our 2nd Campus (6 weeks ago)

Read on to see what amazing things God has been up to at Whitewater!

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Questions or Concerns?

If you want to help, or If you have additional questions about Whitewater's communication or operations plan please contact:

Chris Boue -

Currently all services and events are continuing as scheduled.

Information and updates will continue to be shared on this page.
(updated 3/11/20)