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"Whether we are on campus or online, we are still on mission."

Crisis or Opportunity?

We are still on mission as we slowly reopen the building in a safe and simple way, like our Outdoor Worship Service.

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We are slowly and safely transitioning back to in-person gatherings, beginning with a few exciting events in June and July.

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Like a Dimmer Switch

Find out how the transition back to services again at Whitewater is not like flipping a light switch, but more of a 'dimmer switch.'

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Tired of Waiting?

Waiting is hard, but we are working to help you through the transition. And no matter what, we are on mission!

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We Are Still On Mission!

Read this week's Direct to see how, whether on campus or online, we are still on mission!

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Questions or Concerns?

If you want to help, or If you have additional questions about Whitewater's communication or operations plan please contact:

Chris Boue -

Currently all services and events are continuing as scheduled.

Information and updates will continue to be shared on this page.
(updated 3/11/20)